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SBI e-learning Gyanodaya Portal

SBI e-learning Gyanodaya Portal has developed by the State Bank of India (SBI). This web Portal serves the employees of SBI and empowers employees in banking service knowledge and certifications.  

SBI e-learning Gyanodaya Portal Login & Benefits Details:

1. The e-learning portal services will enable the banking service system of SBI.

2. The Gyanodaya portal provides all essential banking information at a personal level, and at the banking operational level to their employees.

3. The HR department uploads all important services and allows the employees to refer to it as a preparatory for writing departmental exams.

4. The employees can write banking exams and obtain banking certificates through an e-learning process.

5. State Bank of India, Gyanodaya portal projects the latest updates that can be easily accessible to every employee.

6. The Gyanodaya portal in their respective web pages publishes all kinds of banking updates. From that, the employees can get information about banking services, banking examinations, and courses and certificates that are essential for promotion.

Essential Certifications to Scale-up Promotions for Employees:

1. Employees can be classified as award staff, scale 1 officers, & Scale 2,3,4,5 officers.

2. The next promotion level will be the officer cadre for Award Staff, Scale 2 for Scale 1 officers, and Scale 3,4,5,6 promotional level for Scale 2,3,4,5 officers.

3. For an award staff to gain officer cadre the SBI banking HR will need CP Associate Certification.

4. For a scale 1 officer to seek a promotion to scale 2 officers the certification that is essential is RBI mandated and external.

5. For employee level Scale 2,3,4,5, officers to attain a promotional level scale 3,4,5,6 one must have obtained RBI mandated and external certification.

6. There are two types of certifications, internal  Certification, and External Certification.

7. SBI bank issues internal certification to the employees who undergo training courses.

8. Reserve Bank of India is the external certificate to the bank employees as and when they qualify in the program.

9. The SBI provides a time-bound certification, and the employee needs to revalidate the certification before the preset expiry date.

10. The employee must revisit the training course for document validation.

11. In case, an employee wants to back out the certification programs, it must be intimated to the bank authorities. The concerned authorities shall exempt the employee from the certification program.

SBI Gyanodaya Training Process:

1. The Gyanodaya web portal runs training programs exclusively for the employees of the SBI only.

2. The employees are given a needful training in the important areas of general banking, credit, investment banking, rural banking and IT for a duration of 2 years.

3. SBI Gyanodaya delivers updated information on banking systems and allows employees to make necessary changes in specific formats allotted to them.

4. The Gyanodaya training program is extended for the SBI employees only, they can seek interactive sessions.

5. Every employee must undergo a security check to enter the employee-related web pages in the web portal.

6. For that special login credentials are allotted to the employees through user ID, and password.

7. The SBI has 5 top institutions and about 47 learning centers that are associated with learning programs for their employees.

8. The SBI Gyanodaya web portal allows the employees to log in for the e-learning programs

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SBI Gyanodaya Employee Login Credentials:

An employee should have a login ID and with the non-availability of the identity number, one must approach the Human Resource Department. After obtaining the identity number, the employee must reach the official portal of SBI Gyanodaya.

1st step: An employee should visit the SBI eGyan official website i.e.

2nd Step: The employee will get the eGyan Leaning Login page on the Display.

3rd Step: On the eGyanodaya Learning homepage, employees should enter the details like HRMS User ID, HRMS Password, Captcha code and hit on the login option.

Login here

Various Levels in Job Profiles:

1. An employee can select areas of expertise within the bank such as marketing, treasury, IT, credit & risk, and many more. The SBI selects a candidate for the post of probationary officer and in three years one can become assistant manager. Hence, an employee has the freedom to work in various areas of expertise. In a way, the bank provides 360-degree exposure.

2. The bank gives an option to choose an area of expertise and switch the areas if needed. One can build expertise and raise the four levels, deputy manager, manager, chief manager, general manager in 9 to 15 years. 

3. The employees who are prepared to lead the biggest bank in India, will need to grow as a leader, and develop an all-around exposure. The leadership role is found in these six positions. They are deputy general manager, general manager, chief general manager, deputy managing director, managing director, and chairman. 

SBI Gyanodaya Helpdesk:

An employee can make the best use of an e-learning platform for one’s career development. In the process, one may find difficulties in operating the software in such circumstances the employee can mail to sort out queries @ [email protected].

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