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Shaala Siddi Login

Shaala Siddi Login: National Program of NPSSE makes school a nucleus for better self-evaluation. The program standards are set by the NPSSE and the guidelines are provided to Schools for the Critical evaluation process. The guidelines are meant for schools to follow and make an accurate professional judgment. The school self-evaluation process is logical, well-framed, a sequential manner. By implementation of the guidelines, the schools will have formed certain objectives to achieve the school self-evaluation.

Shala Siddi Login 2021  NPSSE School Evaluation Details:

Objectives of School Self-evaluation:

1. The basic intention of self-evaluation is to recognize the strengths and areas of improvement for better educational standards in a guided manner.

2. The school management must entertain the active participation of stakeholders and work in a collaborative culture. All of it, to make professional judgments and decisions.

3. Improve the participation of stakeholders and make it away towards progressive development.

4. National Technical Group, NTG, works in collaboration with all states in India to provide guidance. The NTG enables states to implement the ‘School Evaluation for Improvement’ progressively towards success.

Self-evaluation Process Involved in a Broader Sense:

1. The self-evaluation process is a continuous process and the time taken for a process cycle depends on the strength of the school. Bigger schools may take 6 months and smaller ones only two months.

2. When the school is in the process of self-evaluation, the stakeholders are the headteacher/principal, students, parents, members of SMC/SDMC, and members of the immediate community.

3. After completion of the evaluation, the data is to be uploaded by the school on the dashboard of the national Web Portal. However, the deadline date is set by the respective state governments.

4. School evaluation dashboard e-Samiksha provides space for schools to fill in details of consolidated evaluation, reports, an essential area of improvement.

5. To slate down the school evaluated data, the NPSSE develops a dashboard in print and digital.

Central Action on the School Self Evaluation of States:

  • The entire activity of NPSSE is a centralized one. It aims at coordinating the states at the web portal. The portal shall carry classified information based on predefined parameters. The data analytics shall make a way to the next action plan to fulfill the select objectives of NPSSE. The web portal and android, IOS Mobile app on school standards, and Self-evaluation are still under process.
  • Schools will upload the evaluated data on the dashboard under the State’s direction. The information will maintain consolidated clusters, block district, state, and at the national level. From the acquired data on the dashboard, the center will identify school-specific needs. Take specific actions on areas of common intervention to improvise the standards of schools.  

Highlights of School Standard & Evaluation Framework, SSEF:

  • School Standards and Evaluation Framework (SSEF) defines the school Performance and its Evaluation Process.
  • SSEF conducts activity in seven Key Domains as a measure to evaluate the performance of schools.
  • The SSEF provides a flexible performance and is well suited to adapt, contextualize, and translate in all the national languages.
  • The implementation of the SSEF confirms to be the best for self and external evaluation.
  • The SSEF evaluation techniques are complementary, the two approaches, namely external and internal evaluation work in synergy. This will bring about an overall improvement of the school.


National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development have taken a comprehensive school evaluation. The main purpose of a massive human resource applied to diverse schools in India is to create a uniformity in the quality of school education thereby improvising it through a school evaluation program. The NPSSE program intends to reach 1.5 million schools in the country.

Objectives of NPSSE:

  • Indian schools across, have diverse standards of education. The NPSSE aims to develop a technically sound conceptual framework, methodology, instrument, and process of school evaluation that would suit the diverse educational systems.
  • To develop a human resource that would adapt, contextualize the school evaluation framework and practices across states. The human resource that is put for implementation of objectives should be able to make a critical evaluation.  

An Overview:

Board NameNational Program on School Standards and Evaluation, NPSSE
Programme NameShaala Siddi School School Evaluation
Name of the PortalShaala Siddi
Shaala Siddi LoginClick Here
Category of the ArticleCentral govt Programme
Helpline Number+91-011-26544963, 26544965

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Shaala Siddi Login Process:

1st Step: Users who want to log in to the Shaala Siddi portal should visit the main web portal i.e.

Shaala Siddi Login home page

2nd Step: On the Home page of NPSSE Evaluation, Users can go through the Login section and hit on it.

Click on login

3rd Step: The page will redirect to the new tab. Users can make sure to use their User Name, Password & log in to the Shaala Siddi Dashboard, and access the reports.

Shaala Siddi Login page. Enter user name and password

How to check the School Self Evaluation Report via Shaala Siddi Portal:

1st step: Go to the Shaala Siddi web Portal i.e.

2nd Step: Click on the Login option and view the Login page on the fresh browser.

Shaala Siddi Login

3rd Step: Tap on the Report section and click the Self Evaluation.

Click on Self evaluation

4th Step: Select the State, District, Block, Cluster, Village, school, Academic year and click on the Report option.

Enter details

5th Step: The School Self-evaluation report will open on the screen as shown below.

check SSE

The Process to view the School Evaluation Data status Report:

1st step: To see the School Evaluation Data Status report through the Shaala Siddi portal, users should visit the main portal.

2nd Step: Go through the report section on the Home page and click on the Data status link.

Check the data status here

3rd Step: Users should select the State, District, Block, Cluster, Village, school, Academic year and click on the Report option.

select the details lick on the Report option.

4th Step: The Data Status report of the School Evaluation page will open on the display as shown below.

check data status report here

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