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CBSE Training Portal Login: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) designs and develops various training courses for the teachers, and school management. These refresher courses are dealt with in an innovative manner, scientifically driven and conditioned to obtain the results objectively. The Central Board makes a conscious effort in making customised training programs for teachers, and principals. These programmes delve in issues of curriculum, and the delivered mechanisms for sure enhance the professional qualities of the participants.  

CBSE Training Portal Login 2022 Registration:

The board adopts the cascade mode, in which, master trainers, and mentors are trained. Those trainers run the programmes for teachers and students in the schools. The teachers are trained and they are expected to practice the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act – of 2009. Board regulates the teacher-student ratio as proposed in the act. The Board conducts capacity-building programmes and below is the list of various programmes conducted and the fee structure associated with it.

Capacity Building Programme(s) CBPs Fee Structure

Capacity building programs are defined in several categories, general CBPs, subject-specific CBPs, prospective resource persons’ CBPs, and Induction programme(s) for School Administrator(s) / Manager(s). To brief a few courses in all categories, one can understand the importance of it and the course fee each attending participant must make a payment.

General CBP’s:

  • Life skills basic (One day)- Rs. 1000,
  • Classroom Management (two days)- Rs.1000,
  • Career Guidance (two days)- INR 1000,
  • Stress Management (One Day)- INR 1000.00, etc.

Subject Specific CBP’s:

  • Social Science Secondary (two days)- INR 1000
  • Science Secondary (two days)- INR 1000,
  • Mathematics Secondary (two days)- INR 1000, etc.

Particulars of Capacity building programme(s):

  • Psychology Sr.Secondary (two days)- INR 1000,
  • Python Language Sr. Secondary (One day)- INR 1000,
  • Perspective resource persons’ CBPs (One day)- INR 1500,
  • Induction Programme for School Administrator/ Manager for One day- INR 2500

CBSE Training Wing for Different Agencies:

Different agencies that stay connected with the CBSE training wing can enter the web portal page and adopt the functionaries described on their respective pages. One can find specialized login pages for school management, individual participant, the centre of excellence, training headquarters, training administrators, Head coe, DDO login, and resource person.

For instance, a ‘resource person’ will have to register in the registration form for a resource person.

Registration Form at CBSC IT Portal Resource Person:

1. The resource person must enter the web portal.

2. The CBSE IT Portal shall extend its services by opening the ‘training wing’ web page.

3. On the tab, one can find a series of links such as home, user manual, login as, online forms, etc.

4. The user must hover the cursor on the online forms and it shall display a sub-link ‘Registration Form for Resource Person’ in the dropdown box.

5. The resource person must click the registration form for the resource person link, and it will expose a new webpage and it will be ‘Registration form for Resource Person.’

6. The web portal exposes a window that refers to the ‘Authenticate page.’ The users need to fill in the details like Email ID and hit the Submit Option.

CBSE Training Portal registration

7. The resource person must further follow the instructions issued by the web portal and reach out to the resource person’s dashboard and so on.

Resource Person Login at CBSC Training Web Portal:

1st Step: The user must enter the web page, and hover the cursor on the login as a link.

2nd Step: The log-in as the link will open the drop box for the selection of the right link option by the user. A series of site links are placed in the order that reflects the below logins.

They are:

  • School management
  • Individual participation
  • the centre of excellence
  • Training Headquarters
  • Training Administrator
  • DDO login
  • Resource Person.
Login as

3rd Step: The User (resource person) must click the last sublink made available in the drop box as ‘Resource Person.’

Resource Person

4th Step: And, the Resource Persons will get the ‘Resource person login’ page.

5th Step: The user must enter the email address, registration number, and security pin and click the login button.

enter logins here on the CBSE Training Portal Login page

Forgot Registration Number for Resource Person:

1. To recover the Password on the Resource Person login page, the user should click the ‘forgot registration number?’ link.

Forgot password here

2. The user must enter the email address, and security pin and click the submit button.

Recover password on the CBSE Training Portal

3. The web portal shall deliver the registration number to the registered email address and one must pick and enter the login credentials.

4. The user can enter the login web portal page by clicking the ‘click here to login’ link.

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