DDO Request 2023 AP Cyber Treasury Salary Bill Status DDOreq

DDO Request

DDO Request: A.P Treasury Department Electronic Payments makes Employee Salary Slip Process Smooth & Easy. The DDO Makes Digital Transactions with A.P Treasury from Grass-root Level to Sub treasury Level. To speed up the process of payments in the treasury, the Government of AP undertakes electronic payments in all district treasuries. In the month of March 2014, the Government of Andhra Pradesh entrusted the responsibility of making treasury payments online.

For that, three departments namely the Drawing and Disbursing Office, DDO, of Government departments, the treasury department, and banking authorities have to synchronize to achieve the objective. Earlier, Andhra Pradesh DTC has held a conference and reviewed the matter, and ascertained facts.

DDO Request Login 2023 AP Treasuries & Accounts details:

It was made clear that the operational issues would be smoothened from the grass-root level and adequate facilities will be provided to the DDOs to make it successful at the Sub treasury level.

The conference was held on 28-06-2014. As an outcome of the DTO feedback, a user manual was released that contains information on the procedures to be followed in the preparation of bills. By following the manual procedures, the DDO should be able to key in error-free data to make the payment process smooth and easy.  

In this electronic payment process, three entities maintain an interactive field, they are the DDO of government departments, treasury department, and banking authorities. Hence, the bill that is prepared for electronic payments needs a procedure and it is employed by the DDO.

Bill Preparation Procedure to Make Electronic Payments:

1st Step: DDO will have to enter the webpage using the web portal: https://treasury3.apcfss.in/ddoreq/

2nd Step: DDO will have to make use of the login details like Username and password.

DDO Request logins

3rd Step: Once the web page is opened, the DDO must look in for the ‘pay bills’ module of the HRMS package and make a selection of ‘Benf Bank Details.’

4th Step: Beneficiary Details Entry: In the Beneficiary Details Entry Screen, the beneficiary details are to be updated. The ‘Benf bank details’ do come under the ‘pay bills of HRMS.’. On the screen, the Bank account number, details of the employees and DDO have to be provided.

Benf bank account details

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Registration of DDO Current Account Number:

1. The DDO code is made available on the screen given below.

DDO code of DDO Request

2. The DDO designated officer will have to make an entry of the records such as valid Treasury bank IFSC Code number and DDO Account Number of SBI.

Benf Bank Account number entry

4. On entering the current bank account details, and then it is confirmed, hence the process of deletion or editing the number at the DDO level.

5. In case of any errors in updating the account details, the DDO office must immediately inform the treasury to submit the proper proofs like the Copy of the Bank account passbook. So that it will intimate to DTA where the Bank account number, as well as valid IFSC Code, can be updated.  

Employee Bank Details:

1. In case of employees, the details are fed by the DDO office.

2. The employee code is made visible on the screen and the employee’s name will be displayed automatically on the screen.

enter bank details here

3. The IFSC code of the bank branch of the employee is to be updated. It is here that the salary account is maintained by the bank. Once an entry of the IFSC code is made, the name of the bank gets automatically displayed on the screen. It acts as a cross-verification to the DDO office.

4. The MICR code shall also be displayed in the MICR code field. In case the code is not available make a manual entry. The MICR code must be informed to the treasury so that it is duly updated in the central database of DTA.

Fill Bank Account number

5. The DDO will need to make an entry of the bank account number of the employee.

Third-Party Bank Details:

1.In case of third-party bank details, no employee code is in need. The DDO can skip the field to make an entry.

2. DDO must fill in the name of the third party clearly and with no errors.

3. The DDO will have to type in the “IFSC CODE ” field and the name of the branch will come on display for cross verification.

4. MICR code will also get automatically displayed and in case it is not available. The DDO official will have to make an entry of MICR and intimate the Treasury Department about the MICR code details.

5. Enter the bank account number of the third party and the submit button is pressed for confirmation.

Bills Prepared and Submitted in the HRMS Module: 

1. Open the HRMS Package, and under the Pay bills module, a submodule ‘TBR_Beneficiary Details Entry’ is available.

2. In the module, the TBR number is entered as input.

3. The system displays all employees’ details on the screen.

4. DDO can make a verification of the salary details and then click the submit if the details are correct.

5. From the DDO claims module, the bills are submitted to the Treasury Department. The treasury department transfers the amounts to the beneficiary’s accounts directly.

6. There is a possibility of a beneficiary/ beneficiaries amount not being deposited from the treasury. It could be the result of an erroneous account. The beneficiary details will have to be changed in the permanent database. Likewise, the treasury officer will have to make the data changes in the respective fields by obtaining the proof. Then, make the corrections according to the proof.  

The Process to know the Payment Status of the Bill:

1st Step: The DDO is requested to know the Payment status of the bill using the Treasury details and the sub-division of General Services of the HRMS Packages.

treasury bill details

2nd Step: The DDOs need to Select the District Code, STO Code and enter the Token Number as shown below.

Enter details like District Code, STO Code

3rd Step: Now, the DDOs must have to click on the submit button and check the Payment status of the Bill online.

check payment status of the bill

DDO Request Claims Login Procedure:

1st Step: The DDO Request will be done through the Treasuries & Accounts Department, AP Portal i.e. https://treasury3.apcfss.in/.

2nd Step: Once entering the AP Treasury portal, Users must click on the DDO REQ link.

Click on DDO Req

3rd Step: DDO Claims page gets open on the Screen. Employees can enter the User Name and password and log in to the DDO Request Page.

4th Step: Now, users can generate Salary Bills and update their Bank account details.

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