Delhi Rs.2000 Ration Food e-Coupons: How to get 2000 coupon?

Delhi Rs.2000 Ration Food e-Coupons:

Delhi Rs.2000 Ration Food e-Coupons are given by Delhi Govt CM Aravind Kejriwal Garu to the MPs, MLAs for distribution among the needy people in their respective Constitutions.

He Said in the Press Conference that 47 People have died of the Coronavirus. IN the same way, the CM Kejriwal Garu said that the government is going to start COVID-19 test to the media People from 23rd April 2020 (Wednesday).

The Government has already set up the location and Center to test the COVID-19 to the Media People and journalists. So Interested people who want to test the COVID-19 can undergo tests from 23rd April morning, he said. 

Delhi Rs.2000 Ration Food e-Coupons:

The Aravind Kejriwal Garu Said his government has already planned to give free ration and other Food Commodities to around thirty lakh beneficiaries who don’t have white or Pink ration cards.

They believe that there are presently seventy-one lakh beneficiaries of the public delivery system and they are being distributed free ration, Sugar, Oil Including rice by the State government.

The state government of Delhi would also supply daily Use Products Kits such as Oil, Soap, Sugar, Wheat, Turmeric, and Salt along with free ration for the Month of May 2020. And these Kits are going to distribute from 27th or 28th Onwards.

CM Aravind Kejriwal Garu has clearly Said, his government has planned to give food security for the needy beneficiaries and also Provide free ration to around one crore ration card and non-ration cardholders means the govt is going to help the half of the Delhi citizens.

In the same way, the state government already decided to give Rs.2000 E-coupon to the MPs, MLAs for distribution among the needy people in their respective Constitutions.

Every MP and MLA will Start to supply 2000 rupees food coupons to all the non ration cardholders and who could not enroll the same online. The Non-PDS people like Non-ration card beneficiaries will get 2000 rupees coupons as well as Free Raton kits. 

Still now, more than 1603 Positive Cases are in Delhi state while forty-seven Citizens have died of Coronavirus, he said. Before closing the Press meet, the CM Kejriwal requested the people to take care of Senior Citizens who have Crossed fifty-five years aged and don’t allow them to step out from your homes.

How to get 2000 rupees Food Coupons & ration kits offline?

1. Beneficiaries who don’t have white and Pink ration cards must visit the nearest Grama Panchayat in your constitutions.

2. And then, ask for 2000 e-Coupon and kits of daily Items by showing Identity Proof of the Citizens. 

3. Applicants must submit your Copy of Aadhar Card and Address proof. 

4. They will verify your details and documents and provide the Rs.2000 coupon as well as the Free ration Kit. 


Name of the SchemeRs.2000 Food Coupon
Coupons distributed byMP and MLA’s
Scheme Launched byCM Kejriwal Garu
Coupons issued from 27th April onwards
Free Ration KitOil, 
Turmeric and 
Salt along with free ration
NFS Delhi website link
Eligible beneficiariesNon-ration Cardholders and Ration Cardholders
Post CategoryState-level Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: What are the necessary documents to get rs.2000 Coupon?

Answer: Citizens must submit Copy of the Aadhar Card or any Identity Proof and Address Proof to the Grama Panchayat.

Q 2: When will start to distribute free ration as well as 2000 rupees amount Coupon?

Answer: The state govt will start to issue the Free Ration Kit such as Oil, Soap, Sugar, Wheat, Turmeric, and Salt along with free ration from 27th April onwards.

Q 3: What is the last date to get this Free ration Kit?

Answer: People have the choice to get this free ration Kit until May 2nd week 2020.

Q 4: Who will distribute 2000 rupees Food coupons to the needy people?

Answer: The MP and MLA’s will distribute 2000 rupees food Coupons in your village.

Q 5: Who will eligible to get this Free ration kit and 2000 Food coupon?

Answer: The ration cardholders and Non-Ration cardholders will eligible to get this scheme benefits.

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