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Find CFMS ID Number

Find CFMS ID Number: CFMS Runs on SAP S4 HANA Platform. The Government of Andhra Pradesh directs the Finance Department to develop a single platform to operate financial applications in the financial system.

In this issue, on behalf of the Finance Department, Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) has designed, developed, and implemented a Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS), an enterprise-level application. The Enterprise (the AP State) runs the entire CFMS on the SAP S4 HANA platform. 

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CFMS – Refers to ‘Single Source of Truth’:

CFMS project that is termed as ‘single source of truth’ across the enterprise (State) is integrated with Stakeholders. The System as a whole function with different disciplines (stakeholders) to achieve certain parameters on board. To list it out, the CFMS focuses on providing real-time information, high agility in decision making, and improvising speed. In addition to, commitment to service delivery, smooth functionality thereby creating convenience to stakeholders. Moreover, in operations with stakeholders optimize it to minimal reconciliation and improvise financial discipline.  

Objectives of CFMS:

  • The CFMS aims at sustainability in the short and long term.
  • The Financial Department does bind the stakeholders with the implemented integrated system to provide the maximum benefits. Here, stakeholders are ministries, departments, auditors, employees, pensioners, citizens, suppliers, contractors, parties, etc.  
  • The CFMS solution is built on a ‘Single source of truth’ across the Enterprise, here, the State Government Machinery.  It works on stated principles such as Enterprise-wide approach, Effectiveness of doing right things, Efficiency of doing right things, accountability, and transparency.


To start an enterprise-wide Finance system that enhances the following parameters:

  • Every adjustable Financial Transaction between State & Stakeholders, Within State Departments.
  • Effectiveness in Control.
  • Transparency in operations (the financial matters between State & Stakeholders, within State Depts.)
  • Accountability at all levels, horizontal & vertical.
  • Attain Sustainability in the long run (between Government and Stakeholders and within State Depts.)

Scope of CFMS in State Enterprise:

Planning and Budget Management:

The CFMS implementation can improvise the capability of planning and budget management. This will happen with the integration of the Finance Department as well as other State govt Public Departments.

  • Coordination between State government departments that enables a real-time decision support system for budgetary control and monitoring.
  • The single point contact on a single platform reduces repetitive and unproductive work.
  • The sharing of digital content across all State departments makes the Government save the utilization of paper.  
  • It also controls the drawls and fraudulent drawls.

Improved Revenue Management:

  • At an Enterprise-wide level, the CFMS develops a system of capturing and monitoring revenue targets, collections/ refunds, etc.
  • Here, the system introduces easy methods of payments (e-receipts) to the Government.
  • The Enterprise-wide spread ensures a single source of information that optimizes to minimal reconciliation.

Improved Debt and Investment Management:

  • The enterprise-level application seamlessly provides complete information on a real-time basis on debt, loans, investments, and guarantees outstanding on a platform.
  • All information is made available at the State/Department/Subordinate offices and PSE level.
  • Complete life cycle management of debt/loans, guarantees, and investments at the State/Department/ Subordinate Offices and PSE level.

Improved Human Resources Management:

  • Enterprise-wide level operates on SAP S4 HANA platform in which the employees of all categories can have improvised payroll processing. Also includes retirement life cycle, event management, and pension management.

Improved Ways and Means Management:

  • In the Financial department, a real-time decision support mechanism enables key functionaries. To have a smooth transition of work activity.
  • The key functionaries of the Department, such as the system of cash flow projections. Similarly, the management mechanism and minimal/timely reconciliation, the ways and means can be improvised.


Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) services can be classified and their functions are listed in brief:

  • Government to Government (G2G)
  • Govt to Citizen (G2C)
  • Government to Employee (G2E)
  • Govt to Business (G2B) – It covers the Government and its Stakeholders.

Government to Government (G2G):

In G2G interactions, the following State Governments tend to get in contact, are Finance Department, the Head of Departments, Treasuries, Drawing and the Disbursement officers, RBI, AG, & GSTN.

  • In brief, the financial department makes use of a platform for effective budget preparation and budget distribution cycle. The department by implementing CFMS does the effective collection, recording, accounting, and optimal utilization of State finances.
  • At the business upfront, the Finance Department makes interacts with stakeholders, such as RBI, Banks, AG office, GSTN.

Head of the Department: The HOD, engages on issues of budget allocation requests, budget distribution sanctions, and approvals. They do integrate with an external system such as AG, Banks, RBI, GSTN, etc.


  • Some of the important activities conducted on CFMS are automated budget control mechanisms by employing (Budget Availability Check). The check is conducted at various stages of a bill lifecycle.
  • Employees can make bill submission, online processing, tracking, and payments with an updated refund management process.

Drawing & the Disbursement Officers (DDOs):

This division of the Department conducts real-time budget updates, bill submissions, tracking, and payment, and online receipts.

RBI: The system enables the funds to be credited to the State’s account quickly. On the CFMS, it conducts error-free reconciliation systems and processes.

AG: The AG office gets synchronized with the finance department and Treasury in respect to financial reporting. The entire process is a paperless interaction between the State and AG office.

GSTN: The interfacing methods provided over the CFMS enables regular updates of GST collections. Every day there is an execution of reconciliations and automated error resolution. These procedures are between RBI, GSTN, and CFMS.  

Government to Citizen (G2C):

Citizens do receive services over the interfaced mobile platforms. Services like challan payments, refunds are made available by payment gateway methods.

  • Social security pensioners and taxpayers can make use of Aadhar based biometrics, and digital signatures. However, the CFMS provides direct and real-time benefits transfer to the individuals.
  • Businesses and service providers: The multiple gateway payment options make ‘ease of doing things for citizens.’
  • Banks: The CFMS interfacing enables synchronization and display of electronic scrolls. The unique reference Id of the banks and RBI enables the proper exchange of data and reconciliation between Banks, Payments gateway, and RBI.

Government to Employees (G2E):

  • Employee self-service contains personal information and official information. Personal information can be accessed by employees only. The CFMS creates avenues for employees by providing access to make payment of challans, loan repayments, or any other payment.
  • Retirees can make use of online payment gateway methods to make challan payments/refunds. The financial system also interfaces with the mobile platforms. After making a payment of challans, an SMS message indicates an acknowledgment.

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How to Find CFMS ID Number via CFMSPortal?

1st Step: Employees of Andhra Pradesh who want to Search for their CFMS ID number through the CFMS web Portal should visit the official website i.e

2nd Step: On the Home page of the Comprehensive Financial Management System, an employee should check the updates and click on the Employee Service Option.

Employee service

3rd Step: Once hitting the employee service link, you will get a pop-up window on the display. Now, an employee must click on the Know your CFMS Login ID link.

Know your CFMS Login ID.

4th Step: An employee will get a Search CFMS ID page. Here, you will have to enter the seven digits old HRMS Employee Code and find the CFMS ID number by clicking the Search button.

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