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GWMC Payslips

GWMC Payslips: GWMC is one of the biggest government departments in Telangana that engages in welfare activities. The department does provide services to fulfill the need for basic amenities.

They cover-up in the building and maintaining and developing infrastructure with the growing needs of citizens. GWMC provides power, water, roads, and building maintenance of public interest which are classified under welfare activities.

GWMC Payslips / Salary Slip Monthly-wise Download Details

Telangana Government (GWMC Portal) – Enables Ease of Doing:

The workforce that is involved in GWMC is very huge and for its ease of functioning, the Telangana government incorporates E-governance. In a way, Telangana Government incorporates a web portal, to support the employees.

The portal performs in the provision of salary payslips, presentation of the budget, annual reports, annual accounts, etc, online. However, the portal admin makes only the essential documents available for the employees. However, it is a good happening that saves, time and energy for the employees.

Now, they need not run about the concerned administrative department for salary payslip. Instead, they can make an easy download of the salary slips. In fact, they do stand as proof of employment and become an important document for the application of loans. It includes every detail of deductions. They can avail personal loans, home loans, vehicle loans, etc from it.

Set aside the employees, the portal serves the purpose of the Citizens of Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) Zone. Several services are opened for citizens online. Important circulars, notices, tenders, and welfare activities are broadcasted for the citizens of Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation Zone.

GWMC Gives Direct Entry to Employees – No Password Needed:

Greater GWMC makes the work for its employees very simple. Any employee of GWMC can make a direct entry to the web portal and seek a salary slip. The employee need not make a registration, and with no login credentials, one can draw out a payslip. This feature enables employees to collect salary statements online from the year 2005 to till date.

Web Portal: Menu Box Format for Salary Slip:

On the menu box, under the accounts tab, one can view several subtopics such as budget, payslip, annual accounts, audit reports, budget token search. When payslip is clicked, the menu progresses to the next level, wherein columns like a select month, select year, DTO code, and Employee Code, are present. Once the employee fills in all the details, click the Get Payslip button.

GWMC Payslips for Employees Download Process:

1st Step: Get to the official website of Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation, or go through the direct link i.e.

2nd Step: Load in the home page of the government portal.

3rd Step: On the menu bar, place the cursor on the Accounts tab.

4th Step: Open the Accounts tab and select the payslip.

5th Step: Click the payslip and wait for the web pages to load in.

GWMC Playslips

6th Step: Select the month and year of the pay Slip-page.

7th Step: Select the appropriate column to enter the Employee code or DTO code.

8th Step: Click the Pay Slip button and wait for the details on display.

9th Step: For viewing the past salary slips, and employee can make use of the option.

However, the GWMC salary slip process is made very simple. The portal does not ask for password entry but only the employee’s code is in need. The portal services do have limitations. For instance, the data of temporary employees is not made available on the Portal.  

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An Overview:

Name of the DepartmentGreater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC)
Payslip Direct link
Category of the PostState govt scheme
Eligible PeopleEmployees of GWMC
Name of the PostGWMC Payslips Download

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