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ICICI Bank Caps Login: In banks, the debt servicing process takes a lot of time and involves collecting payments from delinquent customers. It includes two important aspects. The First one is the payment receipt and the other one is updating the bank Records. ICICI bank covers a larger portion of networking and as many as 1200 partners and 5000 executives.

With massive business operations and huge infrastructure at its place though made it difficult for the organization in the reconciliation activity. Looking into this aspect, the bank developed an app that could speed up the activity. The front-line executives began to utilize the app services and reduced the time of reconciliation.

ICICI Bank Caps Login Id caps ICICI Ltd Online (WL 130, WL 133) Details

Collection Activity Processing System: Collection Process

At ICICI bank, the payments were collected by the bank partners and it took a lot of time in the collection process. For instance, the gap between the actual payment and the capturing of that payment into the bank system was wide. Hence, the Bank developed a collection activity processing system, CAPS.


The Collection Activities Processing System (CAPS) is online mobile-based automation of receipt system. The process involves collection activities by executives. This Modern new technology has developed by the ICICI bank Nucleus Software Exports Ltd, as MARC.

Previous Operations:

1. The executive would hand over the receipts to the customers and the handwritten were entered manually into the CAPS. It did lead to human errors frequently.

2. Second, there existed a lot of float money as it took some time for the executive to submit the payment to the bank. Hence, there was no way that banker was able to seek the collection status.

3. On the other hand, the customer did not have any other proof other than a handwritten receipt.

4.  These were the hindrances in the reconciliation activity.

 Mobile Application: Implementation

a. The mobile application MARC was developed with features that can handle payment receipts and generate receipts on handheld Bluetooth printers.

b. The app is developed on Android and Symbiosis phones.

c. The collection executives are allotted to view cases over the mobile phone.

d. The MARC Front end enables executives to perform a number of operations.

e. The GPRS monitors the CAPS and unique login credentials are issued to executives.

f.  On making an entry to the mobile app, the executive can collect the details of payments or queries and do a follow-up. The GPRS provides the demographic details and provides the financial details.

g. The mobile app does three activities simultaneously. Update the payment details of customer transactions, and equally generate the payment receipts on Bluetooth printers. In addition, a new Message or SMS, as well as an email about the complete payment, will send to the customer.

Mobile Operational Benefits:

1. After the deployment of the mobile operations, one can eliminate float money.

2. Many man-hours are saved in the reconciliation activities.

3. Paperless and hassle-free activities which were otherwise involved in issuing the receipts.

4. By training executives, and sensitizing branches about new changes, have reduced the reconciliation process.

Login ICICI Bank CAPS:

Users can make use of ICICI Bank CAPS accounts and can perform the transaction in a simple manner.

1st Step: Visit the official website: www.caps.icicibank.com/finnsso of ICICI bank CAPS.

2nd Step: On the home page, it will open, ICICI CAPS Login.

3rd Step: On the login section, the user must enter the USER ID, and PASSWORD.

4th Step: Click on the Login.

5th Step: A new page gets redirected and the account details get opened.

CAPS ICICI: Forgotten Password:

A password can be recovered easily without any problem provided the following are the steps to be untaken.

a. Visit the official website, of the ICICI CAPS

b. On the homepage of the CAPS ICICI, enter the login section.

c. Click the ‘reset password option.’

d. A new page will open ‘unlock user’ and a user will have to feed in the following blank columns.

e. Enter the User ID, Mobile No, and Email.

f. After entering the details, the user will have to click on the submit button.

g. It will automatically send a mail/SMS to the registered email and mobile number.    

h. Hence, one can retrieve the password.

i. Again, the system requests to change the password to make the access safe and secure.

Resolving Troubleshoots:

a. The CAPS lock must be off.

b. Keep clearing browser cache and cookies.

c. Keep the Internet connections intact.

d. Avoid using VPN.


The App provides a wide range of banking services, for retail and corporate customers. There are a variety of delivery mediums and specific subsidiaries. Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India is a multinational bank of India. The best financial service bank and stands second-largest in India. The bank service provides money transfer, current and saving bank accounts, loan automated lockers, credit cards, and debit cards, etc.  


The bank was formed in 1955 under the direction of the World Bank, and the Government of India. It is representative of Indian Industry. ICICI Bank was promoted by ICICI Limited in 1994. The shareholding in ICICI bank was 46 percent in the fiscal year 1998. In that year, the bank got through public offerings of shares in India.

An Overview:

Name of the BankICICI Bank 
Bank Established year1955
Banking SectorPrivate Bank 
icici caps Login linkhttps://caps.icicibank.com/finnsso
ICICI Bank Full FormIndustrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

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