IDP IELTS Login 2022 Exam Dates ielts ldp Candidate Login, Registration


IDP IELTS Login: The IDP Education is an international education System founded in 1969 and the Headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia. It specializes in student placement in Australia, the USA, and the UK. In addition, the Republic of Ireland and Canada. The company has a spread in 31 countries with 100 offices and 550 counsellors.

IELTS exam is for applicants pursuing jobs in other Countries having English as their native language. The organization has 3.5 million people in its fold. In the year 2018, the organization has reached up to 140 countries. About 10,000 organizations do recognize the IDP for its remarkable services in the field of education.

The IELTS test has become online as well as offline. The candidate can have to practice sessions online and that too, over the IDP portal. The examination comprises listening, reading, and writing sessions and IDP conducts the speaking test sessions in face-to-face interaction.

IDP provides the IELTS training on the computer that suits the candidate’s convenience. The organization provides training to the candidates. The practice sessions are similar to the IELTS main examination on content, structural mechanism, timing, and fairness.

So, it becomes imperative to learn the ways to operate the portal and seek registration. The candidate should know about IELTS IDP login India, candidate login result, exam date, India login dates, and student logins.

IDP IELTS Login 2022 Exam Dates ielts ldp Candidate Login Details:

Registration of the IDP IELTS Test:

Candidates can Enter the IELTS portal and book tests online, and check their performances. Before booking the Online test, candidates should register themselves through the IDP web portal. Below are the simple steps that will lead to register with IELTS.

1. Open the official website of IDP and select the registration for the IELTS option. The candidate should make a selection of options before arriving to register.

2. The candidate must click on the drop-down menu and select the test and also select the test type in the drop-down box.

Select the test details

4. The candidate must select the Test city, desired date, time slot from the drop-down box and fulfill the mandatory details on the desired Application form.

5. In the uploading section, the candidate must upload a scanned copy of the passport. And, in the end, make the test fee payment.

IDP Candidate login:

After signing up for the IDP IELTS, the candidate will get the registered login credentials. Here are the required steps to log in to the IDP candidate’s web page.

1. Candidates who wish to log in to the IDP IELTS candidates page can visit the official website

2. Go to the Login section on the Home page and click on the Candidate Login option.

candidate login of IDP IELTS Login

3. The candidate must enter the user’s name and password in the respective boxes as mentioned on the login web page and hit on the submit button on the login page. 

Login page

Forgot Password Login Credentials:

1. If any candidate forgot their password, can recover it through the Same web Portal. First, candidates must go to the website of IDP.

2. Go to the Candidate Login or Node login or Branch Login pages and hit on the forgot password option.

3. The candidate must enter the username in the following box and click on the submit button.

4. Later, the candidate will receive the OTP to the Registered email ID. The verification code must be entered in the respective blank, and click on the submit button.

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IELTS IDP Branch Login:

1. ELTS IDP branch login will be done through the IELTS Portal. Visit the IELTS website and click on the branch login option.

branch login of the IDP IELTS Login

2. The candidate must enter the registered email address in the following box and enter the login password. Then, click on the submit button.

IELTS IDP Node login:

Candidates may prefer to make an entry into the IDP node login, and for that, the login must be in the following manner.

1. Go to the IDP ERLTS Portal. Tap on the Login Option and click on the node login link.

Node login of the IDP IELTS Login

2. Once you get the Node login page, the candidate must enter the email address, password, and log in to the Node page by hitting the submit button.

Node login page

IDP IELTS Test Online Details:

1. International English Language Testing System is open for candidates from 18 years to 30 years.

2. A candidate can appear for the paper-based English test anytime in the week, and IDP organizes three times a day.

3. The IELTS results are out within 3 to 5 days. The candidate can choose hash dates.

IDP IELTS Course-Material on Portal:

1. The candidate can attend the online IELTS examination, and IDP provides coaching for the IELTS.

2. The candidate can get study material for free.

3. In the virtual classroom, a candidate can highlight text and prepare notes.

Basic Information on IDP IELTS:

Many grumbles when it comes to the IELTS fees as it records as expensive. The reason is simple. The IELTS examination paper is a manual correction. Hence, they will have to train and pay the trainers sufficiently. The IELTS exam demands a higher score, and it differs between graduation and postgraduation courses.

When it is for graduation courses, the applicant must have a score of 6.5. Those applying for postgraduation courses must have a 6.0. The IELTS score is valid for only two years from the day the candidate takes the test. The ideal time to take tests is in December, April, and August in a year. The syllabus update is in January, May, and September. 

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