IGRS Telangana Registration Status 2021 Encumbrance Search (EC) Stamp Duty

IGRS Telangana Registration Status

IGRS Telangana Registration: The Registration & Stamps Department of the Telangana government has launched the scheme namely IGRS (Integrated Grievance Redressal System) to save the old age records and documents into this system and also providing the same to the High Court as evidence. 

IGRS Telangana will provide more services through their official web address to all the Telangana state Citizens. Every year more than 200 Crores revenue will be generated through transfer or Funding duty, stamp duty, and Property registration fees. Here we have provided the 

IGRS Telangana Registration Status 2020 (EC) Stamp Duty Details

The State Government of Telangana has started this web portal to provide them hassle-free Services and to complete the registration process quickly. Through this IGRS Telangana government website more than two thousand registration will file every month. 

List Services Provided by the IGRS TS Portal:

The Telangana State citizens can use the Official portal of IGRS Telangana to register the property, Know the Status of the Encumbrance and etc. Here we have listed out the services which will be operated through the IGRS Telangana Portal. The IGRS Telangana Official website has 2 sections like Browse and Online Service.

Under the Browse section, ten Government operations will be done by the IGRS Board. In the same way, the Online Service section will give clarity about the Market value of Property, Certified Copy, Prohibited Property, Encumbrance Search(EC) and E-stamp.


  • Property Registration
  • Marriage Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Firm Registration
  • Information on Chit Funds
  • Know you SRO
  • Department Users
  • Dashboards

Online Services:

  • Market Value Search 
  • Certified Copy
  • Prohibited Property
  • Encumbrance Search(EC)
  • E-stamp.

Importance of Services:

Market Value Search: Beneficiaries can know the government value of agriculture and non-agriculture land rates of Specific Villages and Districts through this Service. And Beneficiaries must select village name, district name and Mandal name from the dropdown menu and know the rate of agriculture and non-agriculture land rates.

Prohibited Property: All Telangana State citizens can know the Prohibited Properties list and Status from this Service. You can able to check the list of Prohibited Properties details by entering the village/ District/ Mandal names.

Certified Copy: This service will help the Citizens to download the copy of documents from the Certified Copy official link.

Encumbrance (EC) Search: This is the very Important Service to all the Telangana State citizens. This Service will help the Beneficiaries to know the history of the Property. People can search through this service to know the property owner’s names and link documents list.

Know your SRO: Citizens can know the status of your jurisdiction’s SRO through this service. This allows for finding the SRO Number.

Property Registration: Beneficiaries can find out complete details regarding the property registration through this newly launched Service. 

An Overview:

Name of the SchemeIGRS Telangana Registration Scheme
Scheme Launched byRegistration & Stamps Department of Telangana government
IGRA Full FormIntegrated Grievance Redressal System
Category of the ArticleState Government Scheme
Official web addresswww.registration.telangana.gov.in

Important links:

Encumbrance Search (EC)
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Marriage Registration
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IGRS Telangana Registration
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Know Your SRO
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How to register IGRO Telangana?

1. To register IGRO Telangana, beneficiaries can visit the Telangana registration website i.e. www.registration.telangana.gov.in.

2. And next, citizens can click on Encumbrance Search (EC) Option.

IGRS Telangana Registration Encumbrance Search (EC

3. If you don’t have an account then click on register.

IGRS Telangana Registration

4. Then, Citizens will get the registration form. You can start to fill the details like Name, Gender, Date of birth, Moblie number, Emil ID, Password, Re-enter password and Captcha. Then, Click on Submit.

IGRS Telangana Registration form

5. After hitting the Submit, Citizen will get OTP. 

6. Enter OTP and register the IGRO Telangana.

The process to know the SRO?

1st step: To know the SRO, Citizen must reach the registration website of Telangana i.e. www.registration.telangana.gov.in.

2nd Step: And then, Click on Know your SRO link which is placed in the Browse Section.

Know Your SRO

3rd Step: Next, you have to click on know your jurisdiction’s SRO link.

know your jurisdiction’s SRO

4th Step: After hitting the link of know your jurisdiction’s SRO, you will get the page which is shown below. And then Citizen can Select the District, Mandal, and village.

Select details

5th Step: Finally, Click on Submit and know your SRO details.

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