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KSP Clear pass

KSP Clear pass is a Permit card to go outside for emergency works during the period of Lockdown in Karnataka state. To Issue the epass for the Karnataka state citizens, the Karnataka Police Department has developed the new web portal, as well as the KSP Clear, pass mobile application.

The Citizens are benefiting by seeking a clear pass during curfew lockdown. KSP Clear pass comes to the rescue of citizens when there is an urgent need for emergency services. The Kar Govt will issue the Clear pass for their essential services and emergency works only.

The prime objective of the curfew is to keep citizens safe and face the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic. The lockdown that lasted for ten days in the month of April 2021 was ineffective.

The State saw a high rise in the Covid 19 cases and hence, strict and stringent measures have been taken. In order to understand the ground reality, the below paragraphs talk about the widespread of Covid 19.

KSP Clear Pass Complete details:

Covid 19 Statistics Demands Curfew Lockdown:

The State of Karnataka has again decided to extend the curfew lockdown further until 24th May 2021. The Positivity rate of Covid19 in seventeen districts have recorded over and above twenty percent, and in ten districts its spread is over ten percent. The raise in the covid-19 infectious cases is due to the virus mutation. Reverse migration of workers from Urban to Rural setup is another major factor in the raise of Covid-19 Cases.

In an interview with Dr. Balram Bhargava, ICMR Director-General said that the restrictions should further be implemented in Karnataka. There seems to be a rise of 10 percent in every district except Chitradurga, and Haveri. In case the situation remains grim by 20th May 2021, the lockdown would be extended further for another week.

Dr. MK. Sudarshan said that overall Second wave coronavirus Situation may get better by the May end or the first week of June. In the same way, The Chairman of the STAC said, “there will be a review on the situation by 20th May and submit the complete profile to the Karnataka Government,”

Deputy CM– Keeps Decision Pending:

Meanwhile, reacting to the situation, the Karnataka Deputy CM Ashwath Narayan Garu said, that the decision to extend the Lockdown will be taken at an appropriate time.

However, to create isolation between Citizens and curb the pandemic, the Government announces curfew. In turn, the government allows citizens to enroll clear pass online and use it more efficiently.

KSP Issues Clear pass on Pre-set Conditions:

The Government machinery issues KSP clear pass to select the category of Citizens. For organizations that engage in essential services for society are entitled to a clear pass. In such a case, the employer or organizations approach government machinery.

They represent their clear pass request and a marginal number of employees are allowed at the workplace. The Vehicle owners who are offering essential services to citizens need to apply for a clear pass. Citizens who need to exit the State on an emergency purpose shall get a clear pass.

The Government authority issues cross-border travel clear pass only when the request is justifiable.  The clear pass issuing office shall provide epass to individuals who have their family members admitted at hospitals.  

Clear pass is essential for Certain Services:

Certain services are essential and if they are shut then it would create total chaos in day-to-day living. The departments will issue their clear pass and they can move around in the lockdown period. But their movement is restricted to home and workplace only.

Shops under a public distribution system, such as ration shops, dairy, groceries, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and animal fodder. Services that offer communication services such as IT, Cable services, and others. The outlets of power generation and distribution are LPG and gas.

The delivery boys for essential items such as medicines, food, and others. People engaging in retailer shops of bakeries and confectionaries.

Clear pass is not essential for some category of Employment:

The task to perform essential services lies in the hands of police, postal services, healthcare, etc. These essential service employees will have to carry ID cards. The one’s issued by their departments. The same holds true for Medical professionals, private Security professionals, media personnel, Government vehicles tagged with ‘G’ registration.

KSP Clear Pass Utilization Process:

  • The clear pass does mention the duration of pass validity, beyond that the pass becomes invalid. A Citizen will have to reapply for it.
  • The QR code on the pass shall be validated by the police. If any discrepancies are found the police will make it invalid.

The Process to apply for KSP Clear pass:

Citizens belonging to Corporate and non-Governmental organizations can apply on the online portal service.

1st Step: First, Citizens should open the browser and insert the KSP epass official web portal i.e. https://covid19.karnataka.gov.in/common-1/en or https://kspclearpass.mygate.com/signup.

2nd Step: On the Covid19 Information Portal, applicants can go through the KSP Clear pass Mobile app section and download the app by hitting the download button.

KSP epass download app

3rd step: Follow the steps and apply for the type of KSP Curfew epass Online, an applicant wishes to obtain.

KSP Clear Pass Application Rules:

For Individuals:

  • A KSP clear pass is mandatory for individuals when they move out of the home.
  • An individual can have an epass only through KSP clear pass application.
  • Keep a download of the epass once it is approved. An individual should carry an Aadhar card and passport size photograph.

For Corporate Sector:

In the below section, we have presented few important rules that the corporate sectors need to abide by in the case of the Karnataka Covid19 Lockdown e-Pass application.

  • The Government authority will decide upon the issue of epass for a Corporate office in an area.
  • The epass is non-transferable.  
  • The e-pass obtained by the Corporate sector cannot be used for inter-state travel.
  • When employees of a Corporate office will have to carry Corporate Identity along with epass issued by Government.

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