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LIC HFL Customer Login

LIC HFL Customer Login: LIC Housing Finance Ltd – ‘tagline, Where Dreams come Home’ was established in 1989 with a view to supporting individuals who plan for long-term finances. Long-term support means purchasing or constructing a house/flat for residential purposes. The financial help is extended to other sections of housing at competitive prices.

They are:

  • Loans on properties for business purposes
  • Construction of clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Office space and purchase of equipment.

In addition, housing finance limited also provides loans to realtor businesses. A lot of valuable information that is applicable to housing loans can be obtained at

The LIC Housing Finance Limited has 283 marketing offices, 12000 marketing intermediaries and the customer can find loan approvals online. The LIC HFL got listed on the stock exchange in the NSE & BSE in 1994. To its record, the company has performed exceptional service to the citizens of India in the field of the housing sector. The company has served 25 lahks, homeowners. Through the housing company, there is a disbursement of INR 3.35 lakh crore and a record loan book of INR 2 lakh crore.

LIC HFL Customer Portal Login, Check Loan Details:

LIC HFL’s Vision, Mission, and Values:

The company functions with a vision and mission and maintains an uninterrupted value system. In terms of vision, the company, LIC HFL wants to be the best housing financial service provider in India. Through the LIC HFL services, it bears in mind to provide loans at affordable cost, improvise the shareholding capacity and maintain the highest customer sensitivity.

When the term value arises, the business must be fair, transparent in business practices, and transform into a knowledge organization. The company maintains higher autonomy in business operations. Making the employees participative in the developmental process of the company and extending credit to every employee.

Benefits of the Portal:

1. The web portal allows customers, stakeholders, and management to make an entry through various channels. Every individual who is associated with this portal can benefit in one way or another.

2. The customer can gain valuable information from the official web portal of the LIC HFL. One must obtain the login credentials to make an entry to the official website, and they are the username or loan and the application number.

3. The customer can obtain umpteen services online through the web portal in a hassle-free manner.

4. The customer can make an online entry and seek a home loan statement without the help of LIC HFL support.

5. The customer can present the loan statement to the income tax office as a sign of liability.

6. The customer can apply for an online loan application.

7. The customer can calculate the EMI online calculator. On seeking a loan, the customer can view the loan status. It could be from home loans to corporate loans to project loans to other loans.

8. The customer can check for deposits, and investment-related information as well.

9. The LIC HFL web portal services do save time and energy for the organization and for the customer too. 

LIC HFL Customer Portal Login Process:

A Customer can make an easy login through the official web portal in the following manner.

1st Step: The Customer must visit the official website and click on the customer portal option.

2nd Step: The Customer who wishes to log in with UserName can go through the First Option. In the same way, Customers who want to log in with the Loan application Number can go through the 2nd Option.

3rd Step: Accordingly, the Customer must enter the username or loan application number, Date of birth, captcha code and hit on the submit button.

enter application number

LIC HFL forgot the username & login password: 

An enrolled customer may have forgotten the username or even the login password. Here are the simple steps that can enable the customer to retrieve the username/ password.

Username Forgotten:

1. Customer must visit the LIC HFL Portal and tap on the customer portal option and then click on the login button.

2. On the Login page, Users can click on the forgot username option, and enter the loan number in the box.

3. The customer must enter the DOB, and captcha code and click on the submit button. The user will be confirmed with the username.

Forgotten Password:

1. The customer must click on the forgot password option. Then, enter the username in the box.

2. The customer must enter the loan number and enter date of birth from the dropdown menu.

3. The user must enter the captcha code and confirm it. Click on the submit button. 

LIC HFL Registration process:

A new user will have to undergo a registration process to access the online LIC HFL by using login credentials. The process of registration is very simple.

1. To register on the LIC HFL page, the users must visit the official website

2. On the Login page of LIC HFL, Users must click on the Registration option.

3. Once you get to the registration page, Users can fill in the loan number, enter the loan-sanctioned amount, Date of birth, and click on the continue button.

4. The users must enter a username, password, and security code and then click on register.

5. The New password should contain a minimum of one letter, one special character, and one number, min 8 max 20 characters.

6. The user must select the mode as mobile/email to obtain the verification. Enter the mobile number /email id as per the user’s desire and then click on confirm and send button.

7. The customer must enter the verification code and then click on submit. The web portal will send login credentials to the customer’s mobile /email. 

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