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NLP Login

NLP Login: Next Learning Platform (NLP) is an education product application designed and developed by Next Education India Pvt Ltd. In fact, this educational project got initiated by Beas Dev Ralhan 2nd degree connection, Co-Founder & CEO at Next Education India Pvt Ltd.

The educational web portal has been put to its best use during Covid 19 pandemic and the company has attracted schools to join its fold and get enabled with its technology. A technology that has transformed the learning and teaching processes almost completely.

NLP Login GRD, MCSSS NLP Login For Students & Teachers app

The company has pulled in schools, teachers, parents, and students under one platform and experts have invested innovative methods to drive education to the fullest potential. The process of enriched learning and teaching process is continuous and it enhances the professional growth of every participating community (students, teachers, schools, parents). Although it is totally online dependent, the company promises to its employee to create a work-life balance, future-forward, and as a fun-filled place.

SaaS-Based Education Technology Solution:

In short, it can be described as the next learning platform after the regular conventional classroom training, the platform covers courses of Schooling, UG, and PG. The entire online education is built on a web portal, officially designed as Technically speaking it is a SaaS-based Education technology solution and sources to integrate school ERP, Learning Management systems (LMS), Assessments, Digital content, on a single platform. The portal maintains total transparency across all resources and departments.

Significance of the NLP Online Education:

The student can experience lectures, resources, opportunities to interact with teachers, management, etc. The portal enables students to engage among themselves, and teachers can guide and monitor with hardly any loss of time. The portal bustles with information based on the latest educational curriculum and the subjects are taught in an intelligent manner.

The student can explore their learning skills through online examinations. Later, with the available results, teachers can perform better mentorship, in turn, parents can save money and students can react quickly to suggestions. Therefore, should it be high time for students to enroll in the learning process? Below is the simple process of login.

NLP Student Login Process:

The enthusiastic student can make registration and later login with credentials easily and here are the step-by-step procedure. In addition, the school teachers can also promote easy ways of quick learning process provided they too need to make registration online too.

1st Step: The student/ Teacher must visit the official website i.e. A Student profile login page will appear on the Computer screen.

2nd Step: The students must enter the phone number, email, or admission number, and the student is advised to make an entry of password or OTP and also enter the school code in the allotted box. In addition, one must confirm the captcha code and later click on the login button. This will take to the relevant web page for the student.

NLP Login page

NLP Portal: Student’s New Account:

1st Step: A student must enter the official website i.e. and after which one should make an entry of the admission number or mobile number.

2nd Step: The student must immediately make a note of the OTP received on the mobile number or registered mobile. Further, the student must enter the school code. Then, click on the create account option.

Password Recovery Process in the NLP Portal:

A student can make easy recovery of the password for a registered account. Below are the steps to be followed properly.

  1. The student must visit the official web portal and then enter the login page where one can find forgot student account password option.
  2. A student needs to enter the email, or registered mobile number. In addition, one must enter the school code or domain code. Then, click on the submit button.
  3. Then, the student must follow the procedure explained in creating their own password through the NLP portal.

Salient Features of NLP portal:

  1. Next to learning platform involves simple ways to operate the web portal. The student can make an easy registration/login to access with online classes and they are totally live lectures.
  2. It provides a great feeling of connection for students with teachers as well as School. Parents can also have sessions with teachers, and school management.
  3. The web portal defines a total student profile management system with teachers’ participation where ever it is essential.
  4. The portal comprises various modules such as internal exams, mock tests, timetable, examination forms, syllabus, daily time table, virtual library, etc.
  5. Over the NLP learning platform, the teachers can give instant tips, and make corrections of homework, assignments, and form a field of interaction with students, parents, and school management.
  6. The content dealt for the students over the LMS on the Next education platform is highly customized and the material is provided in a well-planned manner. At every level, the students can gauge performance through the adaptive assessments thus driving deeper insight of the learning process.

Next Learning Platform app Download:

1. To download the NLP android or IOS mobile application, users can visit the NLP website and tap on the Android or IOS app links available at the bottom of the web page.

2. Users can hit on the Install Option and download the app once they get the Next learning Platform app page.

NLP app

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