MGNREGA Pashu Shed Yojana Status 2021-2022 Animal Shed Apply Online, app Credit Card

MGNREGA Pashu Shed Yojana

MGNREGA Pashu Shed Yojana: The Central Government wants to support the small and marginal farmers to lay sheds for their animal protection. Farmers in Bihar State can have recluse from running about money lenders for credit. The government extends the scheme to farmers who own at least 2 animals. MNREGA shall build an animal shed with an investment of INR 75000.00. The cattle owners will have to construct the animal shed in their private land. A farmer with 4 animals will get INR 116000.00 to construct an animal shed.

MGNREGA Pashu Shed Yojana 2021-2022 Apply Online Details:

Flexible Repayment Process: Pashu Shed Loans:

As a part of the MNREGA cattle shed construction scheme the disbursement of the money took place at Birsa Cultural Bhawan. The Madhya Pradesh/ Bihar/ Haryana governments gave priority to women who were below the poverty line. The money disbursement shall happen only under a condition. Farmers who want to engage in self-employment schemes will seek 90 percent of the scheme amount.

They must have at two milch cows. The central government initiates an animal shed plan to profit the animal keeper. Its purpose is to provide assistance to animal husbandry and the central government’s official website issues information at

MNREGA Animal Shed Scheme Developments:

1. Depending on the need for dairy products, eggs, meat, the central government ensures the proper development of livestock.

2. The government plans to establish Animal husbandry as a prospective business to the rural and semi-urban areas. Animal food can create a better balance in nutrition, and generate a decent income for farmers. By encouraging animal husbandry activities, a better employment opportunity becomes an asset.

3. Encourage poor, women, and underprivileged sections of the society and reduce poverty among the masses. The present move through the scheme implementation shall improve the livestock sector.

4. Bring closer the animal health care providers to provide animal health service delivery system.   

5. Keeping the breeding policy active the government puts efforts to provide quality animal breeding facilities.

6. livestock maintenance is difficult as getting green fodder is in great demand. The Animal Husbandry department puts in efforts to attain self-sustainability.

7. Livelihood sector needs a lot of skilled labours in managing the livestock.

8. Marketing of animal products in association with the cooperative and private sector and maintain market access through institutional policy.

9. Expose livestock producers to the advanced knowledge and research on livestock so as to adopt the extension systems.

10. The government needs to study the agro-climatic zone, and ensure livestock development.  

Animal Shed Scheme 2021 List:

1. Get information from the Panchayat Raj and collect the application form from panchayat or Anganwadi centers. After fulfilling the complete application form, you need to submit the same at the allotted centers.

2. On approval of the application, the board of the panchayat will post the names of the people under selection. These people can seek the advantage of the animal shed scheme 2021.

Pashu Kishan Credit Card Holder:

Pashu Kishan Credit Card Holder can take anything up to one lakh and sixty thousand only from any of the listed banks without pledging a thing. The Haryana Government releases the Kisan credit card to benefit marginal and small farmers. The Banks will take low interest rates per annum. A farmer when makes a timely payment shall remit three percent for an amount up to three lakh rupees under govt of India’s rules.  


1. The state govt of Haryana is the first in the country to announce the Pashu Kisan Credit Card (PSCC) to develop animal husbandry and agribusiness.

2.  The central government extends the KCC facility to working capital requirements for animal husbandry and fisheries.

Fresh Pashu Kishan Credit Cards:

1. Haryana government allows Pashu Kishan Credit cardholders to access 24 dairy milk plants across the state. These dairy milk plants engage in milk collection along with chilling centers.

2. The farmers can apply for the Pashu Kishan Credit Card application forms at the milk centers. Later, the application forms are handed over to the officials of animal husbandry.

3. The department of animal husbandry did release an app, ‘Har Pashu Ka Gyan’, and the details of each dairy animal along with 1 photograph is an essential upload. The data is made available for the animal husbandry livestock census.  

d.  Under the consultation of the Animal Husbandry Department, the banks shall issue Pashu Kisan Credit Cards in just one day’s notice at the milk collection point.

Pashu Kisan Credit Cards Purpose:

1. Small and Marginal farmers in Haryana can use Pashu Kisan cards to buy the best nutrition.

2. The card can empower farmers and enable them to procure mats, and fans for the animals.

3. The cards help the farmers to make repayments to their convenience and use funds more efficiently and effectively.

4. The cards are put to utilization by Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and are steadily adopted by other states.

An Overview:

Name of the SchemeMGNREGA Pashu Shed Yojana
Launched byCentral govt of India
Scheme typeCentral govt
Eligible BeneficiariesIndian Citizens
Official website link
Post NamePashu Shed Yojana

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