PMMVY Scheme Apply Online Matru Vandana Yojana Rs.5000 Help Status

PMMVY Scheme Apply Online

PMMVY Scheme: Pregnant woman who belongs to low-income groups, receives conditional support from the Government, GOI, on her first live child. And, Angad wadi centres are administrative hubs to process cash incentives for pregnant women.

Do you ever hear about it? Yes, it is true, pregnant women who are 19 years and above can benefit financially and that too at various stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

The entire process of disbursement of cash to the pregnant women (beneficiary) is online. And, the conditions that govern to benefit the beneficiary is methodical and follows a rule and regulation. In fact, this whole activity is over a scheme that rolls for poor pregnant women every year.

PMMVY Scheme Rs.5000 Help Matru Vandana Yojana Details:

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Garu has introduced a new scheme known as Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, in the year 2017. Since then, the scheme has successfully supported the most deserving families across India.

The scheme does function to support pregnant women and lactating women after first live birth. The Yojana defines the conditions and withdrawal of financial support in a systematic manner. Looking at the benefits, it is always advisable for the deserving beneficiaries to seek an enrolment. Beneficiaries can seek enrolment either by visiting Angad wadi Centre or make an online presence.

The enrolment process requires documents and the beneficiary is supposed to submit essential documents that stand as proof. However, the article talks about the objectives, benefits, and online enrollment procedure in detail.

Pregnant Woman Can Register from the date Last Menstrual Period:

The scheme applies to pregnant women of 19 years and above. A pregnant woman can enrol with the scheme only within 150 days from the date of the Last Menstrual Period (LMP). When a pregnant woman enrols on the MCP card, it is from then onwards, it will be recorded as the date of Pregnancy.


  • To improvise the health of pregnant women and lactating women will get financial help under the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana.
  • When a woman is pregnant, it requires her to take a rest. That means, she is away from regular work and therefore, no work no wage. In order to support at such times, the Yojana provides cash incentives. In a way that the women get complete rest before she plunges to work again. The financial help is only for the first living child.
  • The scheme provides a partial compensation of INR 5000/- provided at three stages of the Yojana. In addition to it, Suraksha Yojana (JSY) provides INR 1000.00 to pregnant women.

Limitations of the PMMVY Schemes to Beneficiaries:

  • The scheme is not applicable for women employees working with the Central/State Government or Public Sector Undertaking, PSU. It also equally applies to women who are entitled to similar benefits under the law.  
  • The PMMVY scheme provides financial help only to the first child in the family. The first child benefits are extended for the pregnant woman only on or after 01, January 2017.
  • The Mother and Child Protection, MCP, Card contains the date and stage of pregnancy. Whereas, date and stage of pregnancy are calculated from her Last Menstrual Period, LMP.

Supportive Documents for the Scheme Enrolment:

The family of the pregnant women can make an online registration or offline registration. In both cases, following are the documents that are required for submission.

An important document namely consent/undertaking forms can be obtained in two ways. Forms are available at AWC/ approved health centre. For online forms, approach Ministry of Woman & Child Development web portal. The consent / undertaking is for free, no fee is charged.

  • Duly filled Application Form 1A
  • MCP card Photocopy
  • Photocopy of Identity Proof
  • Photocopy of Bank/Post Office Account Passbook
  • Applicant and her husband should sign the undertaking/ consent forms.

Online Procedure for Availing Maternity Benefits Under PMMVY:

1st Step: First, Beneficiaries should Visit the official website and use the login credentials of AWC/approved health facility.

2nd Step: On the home page, click the ‘New Beneficiary’ tab and fill in details, ‘Registration Form’ called as Application Form 1A. An applicant can take aid from the user manual.

PMMVY Scheme Home page

3rd Step: Visit the PMMVY website after 6 months of pregnancy, on the home page, click for the ‘Second Instalment’ tab and fill in the details of Form 1B and for reference, an applicant can make use of the user manual.

4th Step: After the child’s birth, log in to the PMMVY website, and on the home page, click on the Third Instalment tab and fill in Form 1c, and follow the user manual if necessary.

5th Step: The beneficiary must upload the needful documents as in ‘Supportive Documents for the Scheme Enrolment’. It is to be uploaded when it is necessary.

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Offline Procedure for Availing Maternity Benefits Under PMMVY scheme:

1st Step: The eligible women will have to visit the nearest Anganwadi Centre, AWC, or any approved government health facility. These health centres work under respective departments for State / Union Territory.

2nd step: Fill in the application form, submit the relevant documents at AWC / approved health facility. The registration process should begin within 150 days of LMP

3rd Step: Applicants should collect the acknowledgment of registration form for future reference.

Process of Cash Disbursement: Essential Documentation at AWC/ Govt. Health Facility:

The Beneficiary gets the first instalment INR 1000.00 and after 6 months of pregnancy PMMV scheme shall release the second instalment INR 2000.00 and likewise in the third instalment, INR 2000.00 is released.

An additional cash incentive of INR 1000.00 is added to the beneficiary account after delivery. This amount is covered under the Janani Suraksha Yojana, (JSY). Hence, the total benefit a beneficiary will get is INR 6000.00 which is the sum total of all said above in this paragraph.

For Claiming 1st instalment:

  • A beneficiary will claim for, only when she makes an early registration at the Anganwadi Centre (AWC/Approved Health Facility)
  • While claiming 2 & 3 instalments, the beneficiary must submit following documents.

For Claiming 2nd Instalment:

  • To Claim the Second Installment, all eligible beneficiaries should fulfill Form 1B which is available on the PMMVY portal and a submit copy of the MCP card at the AWC/ Approved health facility.
  • At the time of submission, the card will reflect at least one Antenatal Check-up. And applicants should present a copy of the Form 1A acknowledgment slip.
  • Beneficiaries can claim the 2nd instalment post 180 days of pregnancy.

Claiming 3rd Instalment Process:

  • To claim the third Instalment, the applicants should have to submit the duly filled form 1C. In addition, photocopy of childbirth registration, ID proof, and the MCP card.
  • The MCP Cards should contain details of the first cycle of immunization of CG, OPV, DPT, and Hepatitis.
  • The beneficiary should present a photocopy of acknowledgment slip of Form 1A, and Form 1B.

Limitation of Disbursement of PMMVY Scheme Commitments:

The scheme sets conditions for remittance of cash incentives to the beneficiary’s account. The beneficiary will not get the second and third instalments if miscarriage or stillbirth occurs. However, the second and the third instalment shall be provided for a future pregnancy. If infant mortality occurs, and the beneficiary gets 3- cash incentives, then the beneficiary is not entitled to the PMMV scheme.

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Note: All Jammu and Kashmir, (J&K), Assam, and Meghalaya State beneficiaries are the exception to submit the copy of the Aadhaar card.

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