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Pravasi Rojgar app

Pravasi Rojgar app: After looking at the immense need of support for the Covid 19 affected ones, Mr. Sonu Sood launches an app. The apps were launched on July 29, 2020. The apps mainly focused on helping the migrants in the country.

The website and the app were named as Pravasi Rojgar app & Job Portal. The platform is very little time gained the attention of 500 reputed companies. The Pravasi Rojgar web Portal belongs to different types of Fields such as construction, Education, Healthcare, Engineering, BPOs, apparel, e-commerce, and logistics Sectors. These sectors opened up to provide jobs to the job applicants. 

Pravasi Rojgar app Download Sonu Sood Job Portal Details:

Significant Contributions of Bollywood Actor: Mr. Sonu Sood:

Mr. Sonu Sood, a cine actor from Bollywood is actively participating in helping the Covid-19 affected patients. The actor has been consistent in his support since the eruption of the Covid 19 first wave. The migrants who belong to low-income groups, below the poverty line, BPL, were the worst affected ones. Mr. Sood made immediate arrangements for the migrants to reach their hometowns.

They may belong to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, or others. In fact, in a telephonic interview with BBC Correspondent, Mr. Sood talked about his observations. He said that the sudden lockdown on March 24, 2020, did create havoc. The State borders were sealed, buses and transportations got closed down. Migrants were hugely affected, some of them had to travel at least 1000 km to reach their home town. In such a pathetic condition, we took the initiative to support the affected lives.

The first batch of migrants were escorted to their native places and they must be 200 people on May 11, 2020. Days later, 14 buses were arranged to make the travel of 700 migrants to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. 

Another important activity that was undertaken is free food distribution from March 2020. The food distribution started with 500 packets of meals and groceries and later the figures reached high. The distribution of food items went up to a mark of 45000 packets every day. The recipients of food are people from slums, migrants at highways, etc.

The Pravasi Rojgar app and website began to impart learning skills in spoken English. People can enter the website and enroll for the jobs by using Pravasi Rojgar.

How to download the Good Worker app or Pravasi Rojgar app Online?

The good worker Android application is made available on the Google Play Store. By inserting the app name in the search column and clicking on the search button can take any beneficiary to the app page.

1st Step: To download the Good worker app online, job seekers should go through the Google Play Store.

2nd Step: Type the app name on the Search option and tap on the icon of the Pravasi Rojgar app.

3rd Step: Click on the Install Button and the app will download on the device.

Pravasi Rojgar app

4th Step: Once the app is downloaded, the play store will ask for permission for approval.

5th Step: Once the approvals are provided, a beneficiary can enroll and apply for migrant employment jobs.

Pravasi Rojgar Online Registration process:

1st Step: To register on the Sonu Sood Job Portal, applicants should visit the web portal address i.e. or

2nd Step: Once the web page gets loaded, a beneficiary can choose the language of preference, Hindi or English.

3rd Step: Look in for the ‘Start Here’ link on the home page and click on it.

4th Step: Once a new web page gets opened, the page will display ‘registration form.’

5th Step: Enter the mobile number, it is the first step for registering in the migrant employment job application.

6th Step: On the Registration Form, the details of the beneficiary are to be filled in, such as name, address, mobile number, city name, and new password.

7th Step: On completion of the registration on the Pravasi Rojgar Website, a beneficiary is entitled to apply for a ‘migrant employment job.’

Important Note: At the end, before submission, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. The beneficiary will have to enter in and it is for verification of the mobile number.

On completion of the registration, a new overseas employment app account will be created and a beneficiary can apply for new jobs on the Pravasi Rojgar Website.

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Simple Steps to Apply for Jobs on the Pravasi Rojgar website:

  • Make an entry to the web portal and a beneficiary can locate a list of jobs.
  • Beneficiaries can click on ‘view details and a new web page gets loaded.
  • On complete opening of the web page, the employment information shall be made available.
  • The moment a beneficiary finds a convenient job, on clicking the Apply button, the job profile of the beneficiary reaches the employer.

Second Wave Impact:

The second wave almost engulfed the entire nation, here too, he made significant contributions. He began to organize hospital beds, medicines, and oxygen for the needy. Recently, Mr. Sood had received an SMS call from Bengaluru for want of oxygen supply. The team of Mr. Sood supported ARAK Hospital in Bengaluru. The timely support from the team could save the lives of 22. Thanks to the prompt action taken.

Import of Oxygen Plants for Delhi, Maharashtra and other States

A new paper quoted on May 10th, 2021, about the upcoming activity. Mr. Sonu Sood has been instrumental in importing Oxygen Plant from France to help Covid 19 patients. According to Mr. Sood, he wants at least four Oxygen plants to be installed in the worst-hit states of India that includes Maharashtra, and Delhi.

The official release states that the first plant that has been ordered will be arriving in 10-12 days from France. Sonu Sood said: “Time is the biggest challenge for us at the moment and we are working our best to make sure everything comes in time and we don’t lose more lives.”

Now, the Sood foundation is coming up with several innovative ideas that can save lives. In addition, creation of livelihood for the displaced ones. The web portal services for creating jobs for ‘Migrants of Covid 19 affected ones’ is a hallmark achievement.

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An Overview:

Name of the ProgrammeSonu Sood Pravasi Rojgar New Job Portal 
Started bySonu Sood
Job Portal Launched Year & Date29th July 2020
Name of the applicationPravasi Rojgar app 
Job Portal link
Eligible CandidatesUnemployed Candidates
Type of RegistrationOnline
Category of the ArticlePrivate scheme
Helpline Number1800  121  664422

Employer Login through good worker job Portal:

1st Step: Employees who wish to login the Good Worker Job portal must visit the link i.e.

2nd Step: On the “Good Worker Job Portal” home page, employees should click on the Employer Login Page.

Employer Login

3rd Step: Once getting the Login page on the screen, you will have to login the employer page using the Mobile number or email ID.

Login page

4th Step: If you are a new employer should go through the Sign UP now option and submit your company details. The Good worker team will verify your Company profile and give the response within 48 hours.

sign up page

5th Step: After login the Employer Login page, you can hire the workers by checking the workers profile and resume.

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