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RIIMS Assam Portal An Outcome of Shiksha Abhiyan Scheme: The Government of Assam has designed a web portal / mobile app (RIIMS SSA Assam Portal) to take note of the attendance of elementary school children/teachers.

To note the details, the education department is in direct connection with the data server on school attendance. This portal was initiated by the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Scheme,  a national flagship programme, on 9th September 2023. Under the official website www.sdmis-ssa.assam.gov.in and the secondary website titled as www.axomssa.com. Thus, the portal utilizes the Real-time Identification and Information Management System (RIIMS) SSA Assam Portal Login for attendance purposes.

Every day, the education department can access the portal and analyze the behavior of student participation, and student dropout.

Here, you can get to know the steps that go in the login of the attendance website, and the benefits obtained from the data by the education department.

RIIMS Assam Portal Objectives:

The government of Assam undertakes Sarba Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) marked by the Axom Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Mission (A.S.S.M). The SSA programme is run over specific objectives to fulfill the marked goal set and they can be viewed as: 

1. Initiating the school facilities in the habitations that remain unserved by any other school. A school must be established in a preset time frame.

2. The SSA RIIMS Program involves enrollment of children aged between six to fourteen Years in schools, alternative schools, and back-to-school camps.

3. Efforts are put in to make the children complete their elementary education system without dropouts.

4. Teachers shall be provided with adequate training so that they will be able to impart high-quality education to school children. In addition, teachers shall be exposed to learning material, textbooks, etc.

Conducting activities for socially backward communities that enable them to seek improvisation in matters of social justice.

Panchayati Raj Institutions and Peoples’ Committees in the management of schools are conventionally run by men. The socially deprived communities are often neglected and their presence is hardly found. In addition, the main objective is the inclusion of gender sensitivity in these institutions.

Admin Login @sdmis-ssa.assam.gov.in:

1st Step: The Admin can enter the login page by using the main web portal address like www.sdmis-ssa.assam.gov.in.

2nd Step: The resultant searches shall open the web portal’s main page and you can log in by administering the login details.

RIIMS Assam Portal

3rd Step: You will find the admin login dialogue box and you will have to enter the user name, and password, insert the Captcha and click the login button. The web portal shall direct to the admin dashboard for you.

Benefits Obtained from sdmis ssa assam gov in:

  1. The portal integrates several communities like teachers, students, school management, Assam’s education department, etc.
  2. The portal maintains a record of the attendance of elementary school children and the associated teachers. The information on record shall be utilized to improve the current education system.
  3. Students’ attendance shall help to track their education and it should make the education department react fast to implement corrective measures.
  4. The basic aim is to check for the student’s presence in the school without skipping classes/school for long. As a rule, the students and teachers must be in school as per the timetable.

RIIMS SSA Assam App Download for Attendance:

  1. The RIIMS SSA Assam app is made available on the Google Play Store. You can reach out to the RIIMS SSA Assam App page, click the install button, and the app shall install on your chosen device. To make an entry into the student/teacher webpage, apply login credentials, username, and password.  

Create Ticket at uvdesk.axomssa.com:

To create the ticket on the UVDesk POrtal, the users may have unanswered queries @uvdesk.axomssa.com web portal and for such queries, sarba Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) provides solutions. You must enter the required web page of the SSA website and operate the page as per the instructions.

1. The Users can enter the website’s web page https://uvdesk.axomssa.com/en/user/create-ticket/ and fill in the details on the ‘create ticket request.’

create account

2. The Users should enter their name, email, choose the ticket type from the drop box, subject, and message it (Contains the ticket content).

3. You will have to upload the documents at the attachment section if any. And, click the create ticket.

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