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HRMS Assam Login

HRMS Assam Login: The governments seek the assistance of the executive department to rule their respective jurisdiction such as state, center, & UT. These departments work on various welfare projects that need monitorisation. This means manpower planning, recruitments, postings, promotions, and transfers of employees become prominent. In manual administration, the government departments find it more challenging in producing the desired goals.

The evolution of the digital medium and its shared utilization by its stakeholders in the web portal has eased the work. In a way, the administrators are able to produce the end results more accurately and precisely in time. However, before explaining the digital prominence, one should try to realize the hindrances that arise when operating the employee’s records manually.

HRMS Assam Login 2023 HRMIS TTMS Portal Registration Details:

The article speaks in detail about the benefits of the Human Resource Management System and its varied applications as adopted by the Assam Government. Here, we shall discuss the teacher management system that falls as a part of services provided by HRMS ASSAM. It describes how school teachers approach the web portal to apply for transfers and register their queries, etc. The HRMS ASSAM portal provides an extended space marked as a Teacher transfer Management System (TTMS). A teacher can seek a lot more at

Setbacks in Manual Employee Management Systems:

1. Every employee’s service book will have to be maintained and it is a huge burden to the establishment.

2. The manual entry of order details is a hectic job and the establishment may find it difficult to accomplish.

3. Lack of availability of the database and its verification makes it quite difficult in the decision-making of manpower planning.

4. The manual records need to be maintained carefully. The entire process of updating becomes cumbersome if any data gets misplaced.

5. The employees may find it difficult to view their service books. If the service book remains incomplete, the retired employees may face a delay in getting their pension and other related facilities. 

Benefits of the Computerized management Systems:

1. The entire service book of an employee is put in a recorded form known as e-Service Book. It becomes easier for the establishment to search and allow to display the relevant employee’s service record in a split second.

2. The establishments maintain the transactions such as promotions, increments, relieving, departmental proceedings, etc. It reduces the manual efforts in updating the individual records.

3. When the system functions on a predefined role-based activities it not only reduces the fast disposal of matters but also eliminates unnecessary paperwork.

4. The establishment can adopt a query-based system for effective decision making of manpower, planning, transfer, deployment and recruitment, etc.

5. Employees are given access to view their service books and they can view, update the personal details and any others permitted to their capacity. The entire system is transparent in nature.

Main features:

The HRMS ASSAM serves the employees in 12 different areas of operations and all those put together form the e-service book of an employee. They do include, personal details, address details, initial joining information, education information, family information, and loan details. Some additional features that get attached to the e-Service Book are listed as follows.

1. It Includes service history details, leave details, departmental proceeding details, nominee details, and award details.   

2. The employee can receive MIS reports and HRMS ASSAM facilitates these activities for the benefit of the employees.

3. The MIS report features department-wise data records of the employees. The reports can be expressed in the graphical pattern that is best fit for analysis.

4. The employees can gain permission to view their service books. In a way, it enables them to check for the latest status whether the forsaid activity is complete or pending. 

Teacher Registration for Transfer at HRMIS 2023:

Teachers of ASSAM schools can apply for transfers HRMIS ASSAM, for that, the portal provides an exclusive channel where the state government’s teachers/ Schools Database details are kept safe. Teachers can login and file an application for transfers in an effective manner. The process of transfer, and approval is kept transparent. 

1st Step: TO create account on the TTMS web portal, Users must go through the direct link i.e. HRMIS ASSAM, and hit on the create account option on the Home page.

Create account

2. TTMS Create account form will open on the display. Users should enter the details like Name, Email ID, DoB, mobile number, username, password, OTP and etc. Once it is successfully filled in the desired column, the account does get created. 

Fill form

HRMS Assam Login at hrmsassam:

1st Step: In order to login to the TTMS Login page, Users should visit the HRMS Assam web portal i.e

2nd Step: On the TTMS page, Users can click on the Login Option.

HRMS Assam Login page

3rd step: After Clicking on the Login link, A new window will appear on the screen. The users must enter the correct Username, Password, and log in the page.

enter details of TTMS page

For Queries:

Teachers who come across doubts in filling registration form, or logins then they can contact in following ways. They can call upon a Helpline Number 18003453586, Email [email protected].

An Overview:

Name of the SystemTeacher transfer Management System (TTMS)
Name of the PortalHRMS Assam Portal
Portal link
Post CategoryState govt scheme
Helpline Number 18003453586
Email ID[email protected]

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