TAF-COP DG Telecom gov in TAF COP Fake or Real? Login Consumer Portal Services

TAF COP Fake or Real?

TAF COP Fake or Real? TAFCOP DG Telecom Consumer Portal is the government official website launched by the department of telecommunications. The TAFCOP service is Real and Truly effective in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh states. 

Identification of SIMs Subjected to Frauds:

With a surge in mobile communication frauds, the department of telecommunications have taken an initiative. As the first step, the department has taken up a pilot project and implemented it in Telugu-speaking states. They are Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The project is termed as ‘Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection.’ The entire subject oscillates around the mobile SIMs and their usage by customers. A mobile subscriber may have registered with different mobile operators.

TAF COP Fake or Real? tafcop dgtelecom gov in Login Consumer Portal Details:

Even then, the subscriber can make a check for fraud on the new official site. The website is especially meant to check the frauds with proper directions given to users. Besides, the points mentioned below, the web portal has designed software that enables a safe checking procedure.

After which, a subscriber can take necessary action in regard to the displayed output on the webpage. It is about mobile SIMs utilization by others without an owner’s knowledge. Every head is entitled to subscribe up to 9 SIM cards either of simple mobile operators or multiple mobile operators.

1. First, an effort is put to see that a subscriber can check the working mobile condition in their name.

2. Second, take an action such that additional mobile SIMs can be added if necessary.

3. Third important note, the service provider is completely responsible for handling the Customer Acquisition Form, CAF.

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Troubled Instances:

Two Instances Where a subscriber can face trouble by encountering threats from hackers.

1. A SIM Card that is not in regular use.

2. A SIM card that is closed down yet continues to operate.

Facilities: Telcom Analysis Fraud Management:

1. Subscribers are allowed to maintain nine connections and more than that the dept shall inform through SMS.

2. If subscribers have more than nine multiple connections, they will have to remove and maintain nine connections.

3. A subscriber can request to remove a SIM card connection by going through

4. Appropriate process.

5. The software executes the request but meantime issues a Ticket ID Ref No. The status of the request application can be known through the ‘request status’ box.  

6. The process is described below paragraph.

Check / Removal of SIM Card Connection Procedure:

1st Step: First, the Customers must visit the TAF COP Consumer Portal i.e. https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/ 

2nd Step: On the TAFCOP Home Page, Customers should enter their mobile number and request the OTP.

3rd Step: Re-enter the OTP that is received as an SMS message. And click the validate button.

  • In case the OTP is not received, click the resent OTP link, available below the validate button. And do the process again.

4th Step: After which, the page gets redirected to another page, and the panel informs the user about the status of the SIM Card.

5th Step: To check the status and activity of other SIM cards, then click the logout button. It will take subscribers to the main page, the TAF-COP portal.

6th Step:

When a subscriber submits a number, not in regular use, or not active, then there may be a display of phone numbers on display and two options attached to each number.

7th Step: The two options are ‘this is not number’ and ‘this is my number not required.’

8th Step: The first option states someone has misused the name and details in order to obtain a SIM card in the subscriber’s name. The second option states that although it belongs to the subscriber, it is no more in need so can ask to remove it.

9th Step: Depending on the requirement the subscriber can act accordingly.

10th Step: The subscriber will have to tick the block on the left side of the mobile number and then check the options.

11th Step: The subscriber may click the suitable option or just avoid the number.

12th Step: The option could be ‘this is not my number’ or ‘this is my number not required.’

13th Step: Then, click the report button, and immediately the subscriber will get a reference number on the dialog box.

14th Step: The subscriber can make an entry of the reference number in the application status and check the status of the subscriber’s request.

15th Step: In case, the number belongs to the subscriber and needs to be closed. Then, Click on the window next to the number. Click the option ‘this is my number not required’ and click the report.

16th Step: The report will produce a Ticket ID reference no Id on the pop-up box.

17th Step: Click the button ‘OK’ on the pop-up box.

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Status Check of Activity:

1. Insert the ticket Id reference no id in the block next to report status mode and then click the report status.

2. Another pop-up will display the following fields, number, type, and display the option that is clicked.

Subscribers can truly make use of this website and make checks to obtain the relevance of their SIMs. With such positive results, the site is genuine and well-established by the telecommunication department of India.

The Final Words of the Question “TAF COP Fake or Real?” is Real.

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