TS Flood Relief Scheme Rs.10,000 Scheme Status, Fill Application Form

TS Flood Relief

TS Flood Relief 10000 Scheme has launched by the Telangana IT Minister KTR Garu on 15th November 2020. After Introducing the TS Bpass Portal, he said that all families who have affected by the floods will get 10000 financial Support from the state government.

Already, 80% of Flood-affected people have credited 10000 money directly to their Bank accounts. The Telangana state Families who did not get TS Flood Relief 10,000 financial support can register your names at the nearest Meeseva centers.

People who did not get the ten thousand amount should bring your Address Proof, Aadhar Card, Bank account Passbook at the Mee Seva Centers and register your names Online. KTR Garu said that only the families who were affected by the Flood will get Rs.10000 money after verifying the details.

People are requested that enroll your names at the Meeseva Centers Only. No other plot forms will allow registering for the Telangana 10000 Flood Relief scheme.

TS Flood Relief Rs.10000 Apply at Meeseva Telangana Centers 

Latest News on 19th November 2020: The Telangana Election Commission has stopped the TS Flood Relief Application Process. After successful completion of the GHMC Election, People can apply for this scheme at the meeseva Centers, the TSEC Commissioner Said. The TS Flood 10000 financial support again starts from December 4th, 2020.

Due to the Heavy Rain in Telangana, Many rural and Urban areas were affected by the floods in September month 2020. So, the state government has launched the TS Flood Relief 10,000 scheme to give financial assistance. Already, the Most affected rural and urban area people were credited ten thousand Flood relief amount in September month 2020.

Only a Few people have not credited the Telangana flood Financial Assistance. So, the State government has given one more chance to apply for this scheme at the Meeseva Centers. So, eligible Citizens can utilize this Scheme benefits and register your Names in Telangana Meeseva or E-Seva Centers.

After enrolling your Name, the GHMC and Municipal Officers will verify the affected places and transfer the Flood Relief 10,000 amount to the beneficiaries Bank accounts directly. No Other third party and private Officers will involve giving the Financial assistance of the Flood Relief Scheme. 

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1. People belonging to Telangana State who did not credit the Flood Relief financial assistance will allow registering at the Mee Seva Centers.

2. The Families who were affected by the flood will be eligible for this Scheme.

3. The Migrant labours, Workers, and other state people who are living in Telangana state also will eligible for this scheme if they effected by the flood.

4. The state and Central government Families who were affected by the flood will not eligible for this scheme. Only the Poor and White Ration Cardholders will apply for this scheme.


The state govt main aim is to give financial support of Rs.10000 for the poor and BPL people who got affected by the Floods.

Required Documents to Carry at the mee Seva Centers:

  • Original Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Identity Card
  • White Ration Card
  • Bank Account Passbook Front Page
  • Current Bill (If you are in Rent House)

Official Tweet by KTR:

KTR Official Tweet


Scheme Name TS Flood Relief 
Launched byTS IT Minister KTR Garu
State Telangana
Eligible People Poor and BPL People who were affected by Floods
Mode of applicationOffline at Meeseva Centers
TS Mee Seva Portalwww.ts.meeseva.telangana.gov.in
Post CategoryState government Scheme

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The Process to apply for the TS Flood Relief 10000 scheme Offline:

1st Step: The Families who did not credit the Flood Financial amount should reach the nearest Meeseve Centers.

2nd Step: And, Ask the TS Flood Relief 10000 Scheme Application Form.

3rd Step: Applicants should fill the complete application form with the proper details like the Name of the applicant, Family Members Names, Age, Address, Aadhar Card number, Ration Card Number, Mobile Number, Email ID and etc.

4th Step: After filling the form you need to attach a copy of the Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Bank account Passbook front page, and Power bill.

5th Step: Then, You can submit the Prescribed application form at the Meeseva Center executive and get the acknowledgment Card.

Note: Only the Genuine People who were affected by the Flood will get the scheme Amount.

79 thoughts on “TS Flood Relief Scheme Rs.10,000 Scheme Status, Fill Application Form

      1. All eligible people will get the Flood Relief. But, the White Ration Cardholders will be given as the First Priority.

          1. There is no official notice released to submit the Offline application Form at the Meeseva Centers.

        1. Hi ! This is Manoj Kumar Singh. I have submitted the application form at Borabanda in November month, there is a person who collected more than thousands form,then after submission of form postponed for election.
          But till now there is no any news from there. They had taken 100/- per form and didn’t have any receipt.

    1. There is no Online Platform to register for this scheme. Please apply for the TS Flood Relief Scheme at the Meeseva Centers from 4th December 2020.

    1. No. There is no Official links provided by the State govt. You can apply for this at the nearest meeseva Centers only.

    1. The TSEC has circulated the notice to stop the Flood Relief scheme. The TSEC said that after GHMC elections, you can start the registration for TS Flood Relief. So, we are requesting that people can apply for the Telangana flood Relief from December 4th, 2020 onwards.

      1. Hi I need help your because of i apply cm relief fund flood buy the mee sewa center guy is type wrong account numbers I got I sms from ghmc sanction your flood effect money but there is my account number wrong plz want help

    2. Is ration card is mandatory? Becoz I don’t have ration card and bank account also can I provide front of statement?? Please kindly respond anyone.

      1. The ration card is not mandetory. If you have the ration card, the first priority will be given by the state govt to issue the Flood Relief. If you do not have a ration card, you are eligble for this scheme.

  1. Sir
    But we didn’t get the 10,000 rs
    I am in line yesterday 9hrs and today morning 9 onwards till 4:58 sir please do help sir

      1. The TSEC has Stopped the Scheme till 3rd December 2020. If you do not credit flood relief money you can apply again from 4.12.2020.

  2. When they need lrs collection they visit every House have separate website but when time to pay flood effect people failed to give website application from all

  3. Hello sir i applied on 18 November at 1′ o clock and i got Mee seva receipt but scheme close after 3′ o clock will i get money or I have to wait up to 5 of December.

    1. You need to wait till December, 4th 2020. The state govt will come back with the new update after 4th December 2020.

        1. A huge number of TS Flood relief scheme applications are in pending status. After verifying the details, the GHMC Officials will credit the Relief Fund to the applicant’s bank account.

        2. I got the message from GHMCHY that amount has been credited in my account but I haven’t received In my account. All the details are correct.

  4. Hello sir actually we have applied the form on 16th of this month. So they have given a token and asked to come on 20th. As per their instructions when we went they have pasted some papers where they have mentioned all names. They said that the names which are on the left are not done and which are on the right they are done. So our name was on the left side. So will we get our money within 2 days or it will take 10 to 15 days. Could you please help with it?

    1. Yes. You will credit the flood relief amount. If you don’t get the amount till the 4th of December 2020, you need to apply again in December month 2020.

  5. Sir
    I apply for flood relief fund on 17 Nov on my Father name but not given me any receipt in katedan full public crowd there those are only collected forms.How to check my status.

    1. There is no official website launched by the tS State govt to track the flood Relief Status. You need to wait till 4th December 2020.

  6. Hi sir already we have applied at meeseva and the other person beside me who have applied it, their money has credited into their account but our money has not credited till whats the reason??
    Please help me..

    1. I get message from GHMC sanctioned money but Mee seve fellows are mistaken my account number they are entered 11digits number instead of 12 digits numbers..Mee seva fellows saying they are asked GHMC for Editing option .do you have idea is there is Editing option available .
      Please acknowledge

  7. As i have applied at me seeva center 3 days back the person beside me who have applied their money got credited but still my money did not get credited what might be ghe reason need help

  8. Hi sir I had Applied for Flood releief fund the very next day i got a message that amount had credited in to your account and showing the same account no but when we see the balance in account through ATM not even single rupee got credited and also gone to bank and updates the passbook…in that also it is same…..so please provide a solution for these what should i do

  9. sir/ madam
    Is there any chance to apply GHMC relief fund with same white ration card number Though we live in separate rented house and also effected by flood.

      1. Hello sir, v applied for white ration card 3 months ago but till now no one came for enquiry.
        How could we apply for relief fund .meeseva people had not accepted my form.
        Please help us

    1. The New Flood Relief registration will start from 4th December 2020. You can use this Chance and apply at the nearest meeseva Centers. And, the Application is mandatory.

  10. Sir my Aunty doesn’t have bank account can I give her my account In one account will 2 family’s money will come, is that possible.

    1. No. If you don’t have a bank account, you can open a New Bank account. The Bank Officers will give the new bank account details within 30 minutes.

    1. The new registration process will start from 4th December 2020. If you don’t credit money you can apply again on this date.

  11. Why flood relief scheme not started yet…Meeseva showing site not open…some r saying the flood relief scheme is closed..pls reply the right information..when it will reopen again

    1. As per the latest notice issued by the GHMC officials, the Flood Relief will distribute to the eligible families soon.

  12. Did KTR garu stopped flood relief fund .is there any scope of flood relief fund because election are completed but the process didn’t started yet reply please..

    1. No. Telangana government has not stopped or Cancelled the Flood Relief. They will credit the Relief fund after verifying the Flood areas.

    1. The GHMC Commissioner has officially announced that there is no Oonline and offline application Process for this Flood Relief Fund. They will credit the Flood Relief fund directly to the flood affected people’s bank accounts after verifying the Flood areas.

  13. sir application which had already process before the closing of funds due to election will get 10000 in there account or they have to again go to me seva for re application

  14. Sir I applied application at mee seva on that day evening election date is announced. When again 10000 will get
    at place champapet.

  15. I got the message from GHMCHY that amount has been credited in my account but I haven’t received In my account. All the details are correct.

    1. I received a message 10,000 credited from rain relief funds but amount is not being credited in Telangana Grameena Bank because I submitted the old IFSC code of it.Old or new both are of the same bank.Kindly help me to get my mistransaction money.Account holder details are correct.

  16. I received a message in phone rain relief funds10,000 is credited .But in Grameena bank amount is not credited because my passbook had old IFSC code.Old or new both are of Grameena bank.Where is the money?Kindly help me to find out the lost money.

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