TTD Accommodation/ Room Booking May 2023 Rs.100 / Rs.50 Rooms Book Online

TTD Accommodation Booking Online

TTD Accommodation Booking Online: Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) Makes Accommodation Booking Online Transparent. TTD runs the administrative functionaries of the temple. The devasthanam authorities take the responsibility of providing food and accommodation to the pilgrims in Tirumala. The temple authorities wanted to easen the allotment process to the pilgrims for which they have brought in an amendment with effect from 1st January 2011.

For that, it was observed that the allotment procedure to accommodate has become totally transparent. With the huge demand for accommodation, the devasthanam gave strict instructions to pilgrims about the check-in/check-out timings. In case a pilgrim does comply with the prescribed norms of the accommodation, the pilgrim shall be charged with a heavy penalty.

TTD Accommodation Booking online 2023 important Instructions:

1. The room must be vacated within 24 hours as per the norms of TTD.

2. One shall be liable to pay a penalty of 200 percent after 48 hours, and 400 percent after 72 hours.

3. It is to keep pilgrims on move to avoid creating discomfort to those preceding them. 

4.. On the hills of Tirumala, the Devasthanam will provide only 24 hours to board accommodation and one can find a list of devasthanam-run hotels run at various prices. Depending upon the capacity of the devotee, one is free to select their choice, such as single room, non-ac, ac, multiple rooms, etc.

5. One can find complete information on the accommodation at Tirumala @ Some of the prominent places in Tirumala are Sri Padmavathi Guest House Areas, Sri Venkateswara Guest House area, and Varahaswami Guest House.

6.. And other cottages are Rambagicha, HUDC, Travellers Bungalows Cottages Area, and Marriage Halls and Cottages.

7.. In addition, the devasthanam runs free cottages/choultries/dormitories to cater to the needs of financially challenged sections of the society.

8.. The choultries can accommodate big families in bigger rooms and they provide a reasonable comfort to the devotees.

9. The people who park in choultries can bank on free electricity, and water provided by the devasthanam. Pilgrims for free accommodation can contact the  Central Reception Office, near the bust stand in Tirumala.

About Sri Padmavathi Guest House:

For instance, at Padmavathi Guest House, various kinds of cottages, guest houses, single rooms, and a valley view cottages – 6 suites.11. The rate per unit per day varies from INR 50.00 to INR 200.00.

TTD Online services

Sri Venkateswara Guest House:

Sri venkateshwara guest house

Under the purview of Sri Venkateswara Guest House, one can seek accommodation in cottages, SRM Kalyana mandapam (can be hired from 15:00 hrs to 1-day for INR 1,000.00 per day), and Travellers bungalow cottages. The rate per unit per day varies from INR 50.00 to INR 100.00.

About Sri VarahaSwami Guest House:

VarahaSwami Guest

1. For those who want to seek accommodation in VarahaSwami Guest House can hire big/small/master suites.

2. The price per unit per day is from INR 500.00 to INR 2500.00 and they depend on the additional facilities provided to the pilgrims.

About Marriage Halls & Cottages:

1. Marriage Halls and Cottages come under several categories, they are special type cottage A/C, Travellers Bungalow A/C, and Guest House.

2. The rate per unit per day is in the range of INR 150.00 to INR 2000.00. 

Most Important Details:

1. The user must follow the important steps due to the covid 19 invasion.

2. A pilgrim must read carefully the points in regard to covid 19 and then tick the agreement to the above conditions. One must click the Agree button.

TTD Accommodation Booking I agree

3. Before beginning to fill out the form for the online accommodation booking one must read the instructions dialog box and then only further proceed.

TTD Accommodation Booking Instructions

2. A pilgrim can cancel the accommodation bookings at least 24 hours before the commencement of the accommodation.

3. Likewise, a pilgrim can book accommodation at least a day before or up to 150 days. 

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TTD Accommodation Advance Online Booking:

1st step: A pilgrim must enter the TTD Devasthanam Online service portal

2nd Step: The enrolled user must enter the details of the email, password, and captcha code, and click the login button.

TTD Accommodation Booking Login

3rd Step: In the left side of the top row, one finds the details of the Latest Updates, and then one must ‘click the accommodation as shown with the marker.

find detaills here

4th Step: After clicking the link on the login page, the web portal shall take to a new page.

5th Step: Here, the devotees should fill in the Phone number and Captcha. Then, the pilgrim will have to generate OTP.

6th Step: The user must enter the OTP number obtained on the registered mobile handset in the empty blank and click the login button.

7th Step: The pilgrim must enter the check-in time slot by ticking the button. The pilgrim must decide on the number of persons and state of the attending pilgrim.

select the location and details

8th Step: Depending upon the rate of unit per person mentioned on the webpage, one can find a display of the existing charges. The pilgrim must click the continue button.

9th Step: The web portal shall lead to the next page, and one must enter the details like name, age, phone number, address, email, upload photos, ID number. The pilgrim must enter the continue button and verify the details before final booking.

10th Step: The user can make payment through the payment gateway, and proceed to take a print of the accommodation receipt.

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