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Amazon Seller Login

Amazon Seller Login: Sellers choose the Amazon platform to market their products, and Amazon is a home for 7 lakh sellers. In India, there are multiple platforms to sell their products online across India. But, Amazon is one of the leading and trusted platforms to sell products. To begin selling their Journey on Amazon, the sellers must have an account on this Platform. If you do not have an Amazon account can create it through the mobile app or Amazon website.

Amazon Seller Central Login app Account, Register Now Details:

A seller gets huge benefits while selling products on Amazon. and the list describes as below.

Sellers Benefit from Amazon Hugely:

Secure Payments, Regularly: Sellers can feel safe and secure on their products online. They will get a fund deposit to the bank account within seven days. 

Ship your Orders, Stress-free: A seller can feel stress-free as the product delivery is through Fulfilment by Amazon or easy to ship. Amazon takes responsibility for the product delivery and return.

Amazon Extends Services in Preference: Amazon provides third-party support for account management, product photography, and other services in preference.

Brand Encryption: Amazon keeps an eye on the sellers’ product pages and controls brand name and logo under the brand registry.

Show Online Product Presence: Amazon provides sellers with a feature to enroll for target advertising. Sellers can pay on customers’ clicks.

Digital Worldwide: Sell to Customers: Sellers can sign up the Amazon Global selling and seek access to at least 200 plus countries.

Seller Apps: Manage from Anywhere, Anytime:

Sellers can download the seller app to manage the business, issue, and respond to customers from anywhere, anytime.

Amazon Step Program:

  1. Amazon step program is a stepwise growth for sellers. It enables products performance tracking and recommendations.
  2. The company does perform analytics to reflect the seller’s performance as it goes up. Amazon provides personalized recommendations for business growth.
  3. The STEP program assigns multiple levels, such as basic, standard, advanced, premium & higher level. Depending on the performance of the seller shall get access to varied benefits for every level.
  4. The step benefits the seller in the lightweight handling, and lightning deal fee waivers, disbursement on the product sale goes faster. Sellers with high priority levels get more support, free account management, etc.

Selling Fee on  

Any seller on the Amazon platform must remit a selling fee, and it is a combination of referral fee + Closing fee + Shipping fee + FBA specific fee.

  1. Referral fee: Amazon charges a fee as a percentage of the sales in selling any product. The fee percentage does vary in categories.
  2. Closing fee: It is an additional fee, and the charge depends on the product price.
  3. Shipping fee:  Amazon charges a shipping fee and depends on the chosen channel of delivery.
  4. FBA specific fee: Amazon charges pick, pack, and warehouse.

Registration Process on Amazon Seller Central Portal:

1st Step: To begin their selling Journey on amazon, the sellers must visit the amazon seller Central Portal i.e. and they must click on the start selling an option.

start selling page

2nd Step: The seller must click on the “Create a new account on Amazon” and view the page on the fresh tab.

create new amazon account

3rd Step: The Sellers must enter their First Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Password and click on the continue option.

enter detials and hit on continue

3rd Step: Once you hit on the Continue, the sellers will get the One Time password to their Mobile number. The Sellers must validate the OTP and fulfill the Company name and GST details on the Sellers Profile section.

4th Step: Next, the Seller should disclose the details of, store name, product, and business address and also disclose the Tax details, such as GST & PAN Number.

5th Step: Check for the products to sell option on the dashboard. Then, click the ‘start listing.’

6th Step: The seller must put the product name or barcode and check for it on the catalog of Amazon. When the listing is not available for the product in the catalog, choose ‘ I am adding a product not sold on Amazon’ to create a new listing.

7th Step: While creating a new listing, the seller must fill in the following details. They are product, product price, MRP, Product quantity, conditions, and shipping options.

8th Step: The seller should click on the ‘save and finish’ It means the addition of the product to the inventory list is complete.

9th Step: The sellers must re-enter the selling board and complete the details, and upload the digital signature.

10th Step: Finally, the seller must click on the ‘launch of your business.’ It means the seller’s registration process is complete and start the selling products online.

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Amazon Seller Central Login Process:

1st Step: Go to the Amazon Seller Central website i.e.

2nd Step: Next, the sellers must click on the Seller Central Login Option on the amazon Sell Home page.

central seller Login page

3rd Step: After getting the Login page, the sellers must enter their registered phone number or email address, password, and log in to the Seller Central Page.

central seller Login, click on  it

Selling Practices on

A seller must visualize the market thoroughly. A business can become much more successful only when sellers don’t miss important information. Amazon provides tips to find success in any ongoing digital business.

  1. Remember, in the digital selling world, good customer service is essential.
  2. The seller should verify the amazon seller’s central account health timely.
  3. Sellers can avail of premium services, and provide a rich customer experience, hence join FBA.
  4. Sellers must make a conscious attempt to establish their brand presence online by utilizing advertising tools. 
  5. The seller should be progressive in businesses by adding product categories and can enable good profits eventually.
  6. The Amazon platform organizes sale events, and sellers must take active participation. The seller can not only experience attractive pricing and offers but also increase sales.
  7. Amazon provides pricing tools and set-in competitive prices to win ‘Buy Box.’
  8. Sellers must maintain a patient listening to customers’ complaints/suggestions about products/services.

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