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Greythr Login: Greythr HR software launched Human Resource tools to simplify the work process and the automated processes quicken the activity. By happening so, the HR department can concentrate on much more important activities that can fasten the business development of an organization. The HR tools plow the various segments of the HR activities such as HR software, Payroll software, leave management, attendance management, employee self-service, and mobile apps for the employees.

The following article discusses in detail the payroll software activities that emphasize on the financial aspects of the employees in an organization.

Stages to a Greythr Login Payroll Process:

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  • Pre-payroll
  • Actual payroll
  • Post Payroll

1. When a payroll officer engages in pre-payroll activities, it encounters three stages, defining payroll policy, gathering inputs, and input validation.

2. In the actual payroll process, it includes payroll calculation.

3. In the post payroll process, it involves statutory compliance, Accounting of payroll, payout, and reporting.

Challenges in Handling Process: The payroll process becomes challenging due to two main reasons.

The Requirement to stay Statutory Compliant: The Payroll management software of Greythr’s processes payroll in compliance with statutory laws.

Dependence on Multiple Payroll Inputs Sources: Before getting the payroll, the employees should collect all the data together from the below sources.

  • Attendance register
  • conveyance facility availed record
  • Data from the HR team like salary revision information, etc.

Payroll for your Business different methods:

1. Excel-based payroll management

2. Payroll outsourcing

3. Using payroll Software

Excel-based Payroll Management

1. Small organizations use excel based payroll management as it is economical. But as the business expands, more employees join the workforce. Then, excel-based payroll management is not the right solution. One will have to search for an alternative. 

2. Excel-based payroll management involves using standard payroll calculation templates.

3. The excel sheet provides mathematical formulas that help the payroll officer conduct computations easily.

4. The payroll data is manually inputted and there is a likelihood of clerical or mathematical errors.

Payroll Outsourcing: Payroll is a highly sensitive part of the business operations and therefore management often differs from outsourcing payroll functioning. If an organization hires a service provider then one will have to comply with the statutory norms of the payroll system.

Payroll Software: Greythr’s advanced payroll management software automates payroll computation and in addition, provides a holistic experience in managing the leave and the attendance database.

Greythr The Best Payroll Software:

Ease of Operation: Payroll functions are very systematically driven and with the comprehensive methods, and predefined workflows, it makes the user easy to operate and will require no formal training and guidance.

Scalability: An organization may need to operate a huge employee database and also processes tools like leave & attendance management, and reimbursement model. Greythr provides advanced features at a reasonable price.

Payroll Integration:

  • To track time spent on projects or specific activities and the data can be used for billing clients.
  • Time management modules help in managing critical projects by firms like audit firms, doctors, etc. 

Attendance: The Smart automated tools are a biometric method, auto-tracking via system log-in, access cards, iris capture, etc. The data is stored in a system and linked to the payroll software.

Leave Management:

1. In every organization, the HR department allocates various kinds of leaves to the employees.

2. Depending upon the entitlement of the leaves, the HR personnel directly adds to the employee datasheet.

3. The senior-level manager can approve or reject the employee’s leave request through the deployed leave management software. 

Integration with the Accounting Software: The payroll software shall integrate with accounting software via API. Hence, data is pushed from one software to another.

Cloud-Based Software over On-Premise Solutions:

1. An employer can use cloud software, and can be logged in from anywhere, anytime, and remotely access the payroll data and employee data.

2. The cloud solutions have data centers at multiple locations and one is provided with the up-gradation of features in upgraded plans.

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Greythr Login at www, For Payroll Systems:

1st Step: Visit the web portal of the greythr i.e. and one can find the login Option and click on it.

Greythr Login

2nd Step: The new page will represent a dialog box that states ‘login to greythr’ and the organization must enter the details mentioned in the box.

3rd Step: The HR of the organization must enter the official email, or phone number and then click the Search button.

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4. Further, follow the instructions and do accordingly to register and obtain login credentials.

Note: Greythr encourages companies to seek a free trial and the link is placed on the tab, ‘get started a free trial’ next to the login button.

Attention Please!

Greythr is India’s No 1 payroll and HR software and nestles with central government and Indian corporates such as India Post (Payments Bank), Wipro, INDIGO, Apollo Hospitals, Hexaware, and NEST AWAY. The company invites for a 7-day free trial and the process of entry is made simple. The company promises no credit card details at the signup. One must enter the work email and tick ‘I’m not a robot and then click the ‘create a free trial account.’ button. 

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