GSoC Login 2022 Curling Google Summer of Code Intern Programme


GSoC Login: In 17 years of existence, Google Summer of Code has provided its participating students immense support. Every year thousands of students perform exciting open source projects relentlessly. Thereby making the GSoC cover 18,000 students in 2021 which was only 400 students in 2005. The complex experiment was directed to achieve a simple goal, helping students to find work-related activities during school holidays.

In 2022, Google has extended the eligibility to allow more participants from different spheres to get an opportunity to join. Currently, in 2021, 18000 university students from 112 countries participated in coding programs during the summer holidays. Interestingly, about 17K mentors belonging to 746 open-source organizations contributed their mentorship. The open-source organizations must go through the mentor guide for the understanding of the summer holiday project at

Goals of the GSoC Program 2022:

1. Google wants to encourage developers to be involved in open source development processes.

2. Google wants the existing developers to actively identify new developers and pull them in open-source new projects.

3. Greater participation of experienced and new developers can make innovative coding and spread online to benefit the developer’s communities.

4. Google wants to narrow the gap between university learners and real-world software development.

5. The developers can participate in distributed development, version control, testing, communication best practices.

Expanding eligibility for Summer Intern 2022: Google wants to extend the benefits of the GSoC contributor program to people of various stages of their careers. They can be recent career changers, self-taught, or returning to the workforce.

Tips for Students/Individuals to Apply for Open Source Mentorship Programs

A GSoC contributor will have to make a planned attempt to learn about coding during their summer holidays. In the below section, we have given a few steps to follow before seeking enrolment at mentoring companies.

1. A student/individual can learn about mentors if they put some effort in  going through this link,

2. The process to apply is quite simple and not complex. The applicant must surf the community threads that speak on coding matters. Slowly, GSoC must make a steady attempt to put forth ideas. If a mentoring organization is suitable then one must choose it for guidance. 

3. One must identify the right project and then forward a proposal in writing.

4. The applicant must never get disheartened if their application is turned down. The search for a mentor until it tunes to the GSoC requirement must be continued.

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Work Cycle of GSoC Projects:

1. Interested contributors can propose a project to work with open-source mentor organizations.

2. Enjoy learning summer coding under the guidance of a mentor.

3. After successful completion of the coding summer project, host online to share with others.  

Full Program Timeline Declared for Summer Intern 2022:

Google has announced the timeline for the Summer Internship 2022 and it shall begin on February 07, 2022, and end by November 28, 2022. In between, one can find several activities happening between Google, Mentor companies, and GSoC. It is illustrated as follows.

1. February 7 – 18:00 UTC:

  • The Mentoring Organizations can begin submitting applications to Google.

2. February 21 – 18:00 UTC

  • Google establishes an application deadline for Mentoring organizations.
  • During this period GSoC contributors open up discussions with open source organizations on project ideas.

3. February 21 – March 6

  • The Program administrators of Google will do review the organization’s applications.

4. March 7 – 18:00 UTC

  • Google publishes the list of mentoring organizations that are labeled to guide the GSoC contributors.

5. March 7 – April 3

  • During this period the GSoC contributors are allowed to discuss their ideas with mentoring organizations.

6. April 4 – 18:00 UTC

  • Google opens up for the GSoC contributor application period.

7. April 19 – 18:00 UTC

  • Google shall not accept GSoC contributor application deadlines any further.

8. May 12 – 18:00 UTC

  • Google enables GSoC contributors slot requests with Organisation ADmins.

9. May 20 – 18:00 UTC

  • Google announces the GSoC contributors project acceptance by a mentoring company.

10. May 20 – June 12

  • Google has set a community bonding period, it is in this period that the GSoC contributors get to know their mentors, prepare the documentation groundwork, and further intensify the initiated project.

11. June 13

  • On 12th June, Google sets in the coding dates, and mentoring companies begin the coding from then onwards.

12. July 25 – 18:00 UTC

  • After a comforting community bonding process, mentors and GSoC begin to submit phase 1 evaluations.

13. July 29 – 18:00 UTC

  • Google limits the phase 1 evaluation deadline ( standard coding period).

14. July 25 – September 4

  • This period is crucial for the GSoC contributors as they work progressively on their projects under the mentor’s guidance.

15. September 5 – September 12 – 18:00 UTC

  • It is the final week wherein the contributors are supposed to complete their final work and send it for evaluation (standard coding period).

16. September 12 – September 19 – 18:00 UTC

  • The Final GSoC Contributor evaluations (SCP) will be submitted by the Mentor.

17. September 20

  • Mentoring organizations shall release the results of  Google Summer of Code 2022.

18. September 12 – November 13

  • GSoC contributors who seek a timeline extension to complete the coding shall continue until the stipulated period.

19. November 21 – 18:00 UTC

  • On this date, Google will fix the final date for GSoC contributors to submit their final work product.

20. November 28 – 18:00 UTC

  • The mentors must submit the evaluations for GSoC contributor projects by the mentioned date.

Multiple Size with Flexible Timings on Projects:

1. Major changes have been made in 2022 to create the GSoC 2022 program more flexible. The introduction of medium size projects (175 hrs) and large-size projects  (350 hrs) is the first development in enhancing the 2022 program. 

2. The project is a 12-week programme from June to August 2022. This time, Mentors can decide the extension of the deadline for the project by another 10  weeks, a 22-week extended program.

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