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Shalarth Login

Shalarth Login: The government of Maharashtra has transformed the maintenance of paper records into paperless electronic systems in the department of education. The Integrated finance management system (IFMS) has developed a paperless electronic payroll system. With the evolution of the paperless payroll system, employees are able to generate pay bills, electronic submissions, the occurrence of electronic audits, and electronic payments by the government of Maharashtra.

The IFMS provides a facility to exchange data with other important external links, such as the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries, the finance department, e-scholarship schemes department, and the education department. In the process, IFMS has created a centralized web-based integrated system of personnel information and payroll for grant-in-aid institutions in Maharashtra known as Shalarth. One can obtain the right information at

Shalarth Login 2023 Payslip Download:

In a nutshell, to understand the important activities that take place in Shalarth. The ‘shalarth dashboard’ defines shalarth education & sports management system. The dashboard details out total schools, employees, current month’s pay bills, last month’s pay bills, graphical representation of current month’s pay bill generation, last month’s pay bill generation status, and NPS PRAN generation status.

A user can view a current month’s MIS, last month’s MIS, last of last month’s MIS, and NPS MIS report. To obtain the last month’s MIS report, one can seek it through region-wise, district-wise, management & detail reports. For example, to seek a detailed report, click the detail report link and view the fields expressing the admin schools, employees’ payrolls, total schools, and so on.

Employee IFMS Login:

1. An employee must enter the web portal of shalarth employee (teachers) integrated payroll system i.e.

2. The web portal shall open the main page of the shalarth and on the left side of the portal, one can find a dialog box for entering the login credentials.

Shalarth Login page

3. The employee must enter the username and password. The password is the default password ifms123. Fill in the captcha the image, in the empty block, and click the submit button.

4. A new dialog box appears on the web portal page titled ‘Change password.’

5. The employee must enter the old password as ifms123, and then enter the new password in the next box.

Important: (While creating a password all essential format of a password is described on the page.)

  • The employee must change the password every 30 days.
  • One must ensure that the new password should be different from the previously created passcode.
  • In case an employee forgets a password then to recover the lost password the employee must consult the onsite coordinator. 
  • After entering a new password, one needs to confirm it and click on the save option that appears on the bottom right-hand side.

Shalarth Login Credential By default in the login dialog box: The user can save the username and password on the system by ticking the save option on the browser. By this, the portal login dialog shall never ask for login credentials and it will take credentials by default.

Shalarth Employee Payslip Reset Password:

1. An employee may have forgotten the password and shall be required to reset the password. In such circumstances, the employee must consult the onsite coordinator to reset it. The alternative way is to follow like this.

2. In case the Shalarthi login page displays username or password is invalid then fill in the DDO-1 level user name, password, and captcha, and click the submit button.

3. The Portal of Shalarth Maha shall open a worksheet tab, and the employee must hover on the worksheet tab. It will open a Dropbox with a series of options. The employee must click the reset employee password.

4. The portal shall display a new web page, the employee must fill in the details such as user name, name of the employee, DDO – 1 level code, and click the update button.

5. The web portal shall display a pop-up box that indicates the username and the forgotten password.

6. The employee must make a note of the password and tap on the ok button. Then, the employee can re-enter the employee module page by entering the login credentials.

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View/ Print Employee Payslip at

1. After creating a confidential password, the employee must enter the login module fill up the login credentials, and click the submit button. The web portal shall lead to a new page known as a worklist.

2. The employee must click the employee payslip tab adjacent to the employee corner tab.

3. The portal shall open the employee corner payslip make the selection of the month and year from the dropbox and click the view button.

4. The new webpage of the payslip will display. It will contain important entries such as emoluments, government recoveries, and non-government recoveries. At the bottom of the payslip, one can find three links, print button, close button, and save button.

5. An employee can seek the print of the payslip by clicking the print button.

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