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Skolaro Login: Companies encourage online learning experience for several reasons. Firstly, when students and teachers are unable to interact together in a physical domain. Secondly, when students or teachers cannot afford to spare time in their ongoing busy schedules. Thirdly, a student may have a drive-in passion to learn or gather much information. For this, it may need to require some additional attention from the teacher’s side.

In such a situation, the digital platform can serve the purpose well for the both student community and teaching staff. In addition, the digital learning system can save huge time, paper, expenses, and protect from Covid 19. The invasion of Covid 19 and compulsory regulation laid by Governments make digital platforms a compulsory source in educational learning.

Skolaro portal creates education-related activity easier for the students and teachers with the aid of digital tools. Skolaro creates an interactive platform for a better learning experience. Here, the teachers and students combine to form class units and teachers employ tools to deliver the subject to students. Combined with high-quality teaching tools the students find it interesting to listen, view and comprehend the subjects.

Skolaro Login app Parent, School, K12 Portal Details:

Lahs Skolaro User-friendly Platform:

Lahs Skolaro portal serves the purpose of many organizations at the National and International levels. The virtual classroom platform enables teachers to conduct live classroom sessions, provide study material in PDF form.

After the lessons, conduct the online examinations to students to check their levels of comprehension online. With the audio-visual interactions, the students, parents, teachers, Principals, and the management can have a conducive atmosphere in the digital learning environment.

Any school/college can opt for the Skolaro web portal services because the functions are highly user-friendly and the guidance is just a doorstep away. Most of the users do panic on the privacy matters, institutions, principals, professors, teachers, and students’ community. Nobody wants a breach of information, importantly personal details or institutional details.

Here, Skolaro protects the data flow access to students, institutions, and sharing of the study material with thorough authentication. Hence, the institutions or service seekers can feel free and opt for Skolaro service providers.

The features are user-friendly on the online platform and can be managed in a smart and effective manner. There are different panels of entry for students, parents, and teachers. The portal provides specific features for students, teachers, and parents Each are provided with features that are essential for communicating the needful information.

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Student Login Procedure:

1st Step: Students who wish to log in to the Skolaro should visit the web portal or

2nd Step: On the Skolaro Home page, Students should click on the Login option.

hit on login button

3rd Step: The website will display the login webpage as shown below.

Login page

3rd Step: A student must enter the username, and password in the textbox. and Sign in to the Page by clicking the Sign-in option.

click on signin

Student Skolaro Reset Password:

1. A student may forget the password and in such a case, go to the same portal and hit on the forgot password option.

click on forgot password

2. Next, Students should enter their Skolaro UserID or Email Address below and hit on the Continue button.

Enter your Skolaro UserID or Email Address below and click on Continue

3. The New password will be sent to the Student’s mail ID. Students can use the new password and sign in to the page.

Skolaro Teachers Portal:

  • The portal enables teachers to manage the class timing effectively.
  • Teachers can update the online timetables for students which is just a click away.
  • When the class is in progress, the portal makes a record of attendance automatically.
  • The portal provides permissions to teachers to take decisions on certain issues.
  • The portal services provide whiteboards that can be easily accessible by students and teachers.
  • All teachers can take a poll of the students’ performances and declare results.
  • A Whiteboard can be saved in PDF format.
  • The whiteboard content can be easily accessible anytime.  
  • A Teacher has the authority to enable and disable the audio-video classes that are in progress.
  • The teacher can share the study material with the students as per the requirement.

Skolaro Parent Portal:

1. Skolaro parent portal provides every detail of the student’s performance in the class. The advanced technology helps the teacher to forward the recorded classes regularly.

2. A separate portal connection is provided to the parents. They can make an entry through a user ID and password. Parents can find details of students and interact with teachers.

3. The portal discloses to the parents all information on exam dates, and the student’s marks report.

4. Parents can seek access to the homework and assignments submitted online by students.

5. Parents can make a personal evaluation of their children’s performances regularly.

6. The parent portal provides details of students’ attendance, fees, and records of payment.

Skolaro Student Portal:

1. A student portal provides a daily timetable and attendance records.

2. Teachers keep on uploading the daily assignments, quizzes, and question banks for students’ usage.  

3. Portal gives information on transport and the curriculum features.

4. Schools and institutions can inform the students on SMS messages over the portal.

5. The portal provides all necessary information about the library.

6. The portal provides reports on their assignments and performances.

Book the Demo via Skolaro Portal:

The Director, Principle, IT Incharge, Accountant, Teacher, Reseller are eligible to book a Demo through the skolaro website. The process is given below.

1st Step: First, all Users should visit the Skolaro Portal.

2nd Step: On the Home page of SKOLARO, Users should click on the Book Demo Option.

select the book demo

3rd Step: A New Form will open on the fresh tab. Applicants should enter their Contact Name, Email ID, Contact Number, School/ Institute Name, Role and book the Demo by hitting the submit button.

click on submit button

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Skolaro app Download Process:

Students, Parents & Teachers can download the Skolaro Android & IOS Mobile app through the Skolaro website. At the bottom of the Skolaro Page, Android, IOS application links are available. Users can use the download the apps using the Google Play Store or app Store.

1. First, Users should visit the webiste. Scroll down the page and Select the app link.

Download apps here

2. If you are using the Android mobile can go through the Google Play Store and type the app name on the Search Option.

Search Name here

3. After searching the app, the Skolaro app will display on the screen. Install the app and log in to the web Page.

Click on Install button

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