How to Pay Telangana Hyd Pending e-Challan Payment Online? Public View

TS e challan payment Online

TS e Challan Pay Online: Keeping in sight the emergency of economic downturn and the evil effects of Covid 19, police are up with a humanitarian gesture towards e-challan defaulters. The police made an announcement to the citizens of Hyderabad falling under three commissionerates. These are Hyderabad, Cyberabad, and Rachakonda. The police intend to support the citizens in enabling them to clear their pending e-challans. An initiative was taken to drive in a huge discount of 75 percent to the pending challans of the traffic violators. 

TS e Challan Pay Online 75% Discount Hurry UP!!

The statistics reveal that 85 percent of the pending challans belong to the two-wheeler/auto owner segment. These traffic violators belong to the middle/lower middle/lower income group. Thus, to benefit a broader cross-section of the traffic violators the government has lessened the e-challan burden. The reduction made in the payment of the echallan depends on the category of vehicle they utilize for mobility. 

1. For two-wheelers, 25 percent of the e-challan must be remitted/ Then, the government shall waive off the remaining 75 percent of the challan amount. 

2. For pushcarts, remittance of 20 percent of the e-challan amount is a must. The remaining 80 percent of the e-challan amount shall be waived off.

3. For petty vendors, the government shall waiver 70 percent and remittance of 30 percent should be done.

4. For cars, light motor vehicles, jeeps, and heavy vehicles the government shall waive 50 percent of the e-challan amount. The remaining 50 percent must be remitted without fail.

INR 600 crore Pending Dues Since 2014:

The government of Telangana wanted to close down the e-challan pending issue for once and all. In this matter, the police took the initiative to provide a one-time discount. This drive should be able to pull in maximum traffic violators to avail the one-time discount. The police shall open the window to make payments from March 01 2022 to 31st March 2022. The government wants to speedily clear off the 1.7 crore pending challans for seven years.

Hence, the government wants the traffic violators to make payments online only. And, for those to make online payments, a link shall be established on the Telangana e-challan website. People can clear the pending bills from March 01 2022 onwards. In a press meet, the joint commissioner AV Ranganath said, since a long, a lot of fines are compoundable. And it is time for enforcement agencies and traffic violators to reach a compromise. 

Traffic Violator Case:

More recently, Hyderabad police confiscated a bike that had registered 92 pending challans over a span of 7 years. The fines aggregated to a value of INR 25,250.00. The incident took place when a regular vehicle check was underway.

Major Development: Auctioning the Abandoned Vehicles:

Hyderabad police have auctioned the abandoned & seized vehicles that lay idle in police stations across the three commissionerates. City Police Commission, CV Anand directed the law and order and traffic police to clear vehicles kept at police stations.  About 601 vehicles were put to auction at the Goshamahal police grounds. While auctioning, 550 people participated who were from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The government made revenue of INR 51.7 lakh from the auctioning of seized vehicles on February 22 2022.

User Charges Issue Spiraled in Communities Govt Takes no Action:

Parivahan team portal is said to collect no additional charges besides the traffic violation charges in e-challan, says Sri Vijay Gopal. Adding to it, Sri Gopal alleges that the Telangana Police is using illegal websites for collecting e-challan fines. He is a social activist, who tweeted this issue by tagging the traffic police & DGP. Recently, the issue of collecting user charges on the e-challan again rose to the discussion in the media circles.

A citizen when charged on traffic violation pays INR 35.00 in addition in form of user charges. In this manner, every day, three lakh challans are issued and this practice has continued since 2007. The user charges are distributed to various channels for their operations and maintenance.

1. For instance, INR 5.00 will go to eSeva center & respective gateways for the payment processes.

2. The postal department receives in its exchequer, an amount of INR 15.00 against the services the department provides to traffic violators.

3. Police Department collects INR 10.00 and delivers it to the Telangana State Government, in turn, INR 5.00 is disbursed to the Telangana State Technology Services.  

Telangana Police Opinion: DCP Traffic MS Vijay Kumar, Cyberabad stated: “The e-challan system is time-tested. Portals like Parivahan which do not levy any user charges are under study. Moreover, the citizens are supporting the user charges.”

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Check e-challan Pending Fine in Telangana:

1. The traffic violator must open the Paytm website and reach out to the ‘Challan Bill Payment’ page.

2. The traffic violator must choose the ‘Traffic Authority.’ and enter the essential details such as challan ID/Number, vehicle number, etc.

3. The violator must click on the ‘proceed’ to view the pending fine amount.

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Telangana Traffic Police Adopts 12-Point System:

With increasing traffic rule violations, the government of Telangana implements a strict penalty point system. The conditions are stated as follows.

1. The driving license of a person shall be suspended for a year if that person exceeds 12 penalty points in two consecutive years.

2. If the traffic violation is observed repeatedly in a violator then the police are entrusted with powers. It can suspend/cancel the driving license for two years

3. The RTO will issue a permanent license to a learner license holder only when one meets a condition. Such persons can have committed 5 or less than penalty points in 2 years.

How to Pay TS e Challan Payment Online?

1st step: To pay the Pending Challan amount online, TS State Citizens should visit the TS Police e-challan Public view portal i.e.

2nd Step: The citizens should enter their Vehicle Number, Engine/ Chassis Number, Captcha code, and click on Go Option.

Enter vechical Number

3rd Step: Later, the Citizens will get the Pending challan list on the Display with Photos.

4th Step: Citizens should look at the Pending Challan details and pay the amount online using Credit Card / Debit Card/ Paytm or any other UPI Modes.

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