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AP eChallan Traffic web Portal is Citizens of Andhra Pradesh who wish to pay the Pending Challans of their respective two, three, four Wheelers should pay the challans through this website. To check the Pending Challans of the vehicles, Citizens should use the Vehicle Number, Engine/ Chassis Number. 

AP eChallan Pay Online app 2023 Traffic Challans Status

AP e-challan Payment Methods:

The AP government provides three options to make remittance of the e-challan payments. It is through the AP e-challan Website (government website), Paytm (private mob app), and Parivahan website ( central government website).

Salient Features of the Portal:

1. The government of Andhra Pradesh has organized a digital system to manage the challan drawn in favor of traffic violators in its various districts.

2. The government has launched AP eChallan, a mobile app to make the process of challan payment simple without any hassles.

3. The Andhra Pradesh Police E-challan System is an effective software application that can be accessed with ease.

4. The features that are built on the web portal are custom-made to be suitable for the challan remittance.

5. To benefit the stakeholders like the police department, Road Transportation Department, and AP state government department the web portal has an IP address https://

6. The AP government imposes fines on traffic violators and the fine amount depends upon the nature of traffic law broken.

7. The fines are imposed as per the guidelines set in the New Motor Vehicle Act, 2019.

8. The payment gateway link can be operated on desktop, laptop, or mobile apps over the Android/Apple operating systems.

9. A traffic violator can make payment through E-wallets, UPI from anywhere, and at any time.

10. Helpline Numbers:

A traffic violator can mail to the web portal at [email protected] / phone number +91 918202158 or WhatsApp number: 91 8341996204 for any kind of query.

11. The concerned government department shall address the violators or any citizen’s problems.

12. The AP government imposes fines on traffic violators and the fine amount depends upon the nature of traffic law broken.

13. The fines are imposed as per the guidelines set in the New Motor Vehicle Act, 2019.

14. The police department may raise e-challan against a traffic violator. The payment of the fine must be completed in the following manner. The violator must search and pay for the traffic e-challans raised from any of these districts.

15. The government has made demographic discrimination in a district-wise manner. They are Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam Urban, East Godavari, Guntur Urban, Guntur Rural, Kurnool, Kadapa, Anathapuram,Vizianagaram,Chittoor,Rajahmundry,Tirupati ,Krishna,Nellore Districts.

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Payment of fines at AP e-challan Website:

1. To make the AP eChallan payment, the user must enter the web portal address in the address bar and click on the search button.

2. The web portal shall open the index page and fill in the details of the vehicle number, captcha code and click on the search button.

Search the vechical details

3. The web portal shall display the details of the e-challan and the user should follow the digital payment mode to complete the e-challan payment.

4. The web portal shall deliver the receipt of the payment done in a digital format. 

Payment of fines at AP e-challan through Paytm App:

1. The user must enter the AP transport challan page, enter the following details such as driving license number, RC number, challan number, and click on the ‘proceed’ button.

2. The web portal shall display the pending challan details and the user must make payment through Paytm or other banking services made available.

Payment of fines at AP e-challan through Parivahan Website:

1. To remit the AP eChallan payment, the user must type in the official parivahan website: and click on the search button.

2. The user must look for the ‘Get challan details’ option that is made available under the Submit button. Then, make an entry of challan number, vehicle number, or driving license number.

3. The user must click on the issued ‘AP pending e-challans.’ Then, make the online payment and seek a digital receipt of confirmation.  

Complaint Page at

In such an interactive field between the AP police and traffic violators, there are usually manual errors. It may lead to wrong entry of facts or misleading information that needs to be sorted out. Hence, the web portal opens a link to access with users online. How to record a complaint on the web portal is another essential feature to be understood.

Courtesy: The page is broken into two parts (above) for better understanding.

1. The user must enter the main page of the web portal and click on the ‘complaint’ link provided at the top right corner.

2. The webpage shall display a dialog box on the existing webpage.

3. The user must select the complaint type box and click on the desired ones such as false number plate, wrong challan, & payment issues.

4. Further, the user must fill in the blanks, such as, name, mobile number, email, and click on the ‘submit’ button.

5. The complaint gets booked and the concerned department shall respond accordingly.

In Brief Fines Vs Traffic Violations:

Fines are imposed on the traffic violators as and when they break the traffic laws. The fines in Andhra Pradesh are collected in accordance with the new motor vehicles act 2019. 

1. A vehicle driver when talking on mobile while driving shall be fined INR 1,000.00 (first time) & subsequently, it will be INR 10,000.00 thereon.

2. A vehicle driver must wear a helmet without which a fine of INR 500.00 shall be imposed.

3. A vehicle driver without a seat belt shall be fined INR 1,000.00.

4. If a vehicle driver violates the parking rules, a fine of INR 500 shall be applied for the first offense, and INR 1500.00 for the second time.

5. A vehicle driver with drunken driving shall be fined INR 10,000.00 or six months imprisonment, and if it repeats again, a fine of 15,000.00 or two years shall be imposed.

6. If a vehicle owner sells a vehicle with illegal modifications, then a fine of INR 5,000.00 shall be imposed.

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