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Allen digital BPMS Login

Allen BPMS Login: Allen Digital Batch Progress Monitoring System is one of the best training online platforms in delivering high quality education courses to meet competitions for 10+2 students. The tagline, best academics meets best technology speaks about the organisation’s software tool technologies.

It also continues to say that the company meets the students’ needs through abreast IT embedded technologies. The organisation hires the best teaching staff who are well versed with digital platform to train students who aspire to crack the national level competitive examination in the following spheres, JEE Advanced, JEE Main, NEET (UG), International Olympiads, KVPY, and NTSE.

Note: On the dashboard of the home page comprises a panel on the left side of the webpage. A series of activated links with description of features on them. The student is free to utilise these links depending upon their need.

Allen BPMS Login Portal 2023 Registration:

Dashboard Gateway to Essential Academic Webpages:

1. The Student’s dashboard is the main panel for the students to interact with faculty, course material, and a lot more. The dashboard comprises personal details, digital classroom, recorded modules, digital class material in print format and permitted for downloads.

2. On clicking the digital exam hall link, a student can gain access with previously dealt examinations, and new examinations.

3. A student can attend a live webinar and have a lively interaction on the chosen subject.

4. A student can attend a live recorded session, as per the schedule allotment. Each student is placed in a batch, and the class schedules are designed accordingly. 

5th Step:

Like any other online teaching programs, one can find a link directing to the examination calendar posted at the beginning of the scheduled course.

6. In the examination calendar, a student can obtain the results of the attempted tests, and list of the upcoming tests.

7. The web portal is equipped with web analytics online. On generating the reports, it produces the test performance that represents a subject-wise, detailed analysis. 

8. Certain additional links are associated with the solutions for questions and one can make a better comparison between written answers and solved ones.  

9. Race & Exercise link refers to the additional question on topic wise of different subjects. They do provide adequate practice to the students.

10. The student can view the course material and download it through the view and download link.

11. The most important link that helps students to understand and follow activities is the notice board link. One can obtain important notifications. 

12. The web portal publishes sample papers for the student that are meant to practise the final formats. Here, one can seek complete experience of the main exams.  

13. Any important information regarding the ongoing academic sessions shall be text messaged to the student’s phone set.

First Time Student Online Registration at Digital Portal:

1. Enter the keyword Allen BPMS login in the google search and click the search button. The google shall display in the searches.

2. The student must click on the hyperlink of allenbpms and it will lead to the display of the login page of the students such as,

3. In case, the student enters for the first time, then one should tap on the “First Time? Generate Password” option asc shown below.

First time generate password

4. On clicking the generate password button, the web portal shall redirect to the Allen Student Generate Password page.

Generate password page

5. On this page, the student must enter the application number, registered mobile number, full name, and registered email ID and click on the generate password.

6. Instantly the web portal shall deliver the login credentials to the email, and mobile number.

7. Then, click on the ‘back to login’ button. The Student should collect the login credentials from the registered mobile/ email and make a type in the blanks and hit on the sign-in button.

8. The web portal shall redirect the webpage to Allen Digital BPMS Dashboard.

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Allen BPMS Login Process:

1st step: In order to sign in to the Allen BPMS Login page, Students must visit the Login page i.e.

2nd Step: After you reach the sign-in page of Allen Digital BPMS, Students will have to enter the Application Form Number, Password in the following blanks and then click the sign-in button by entering the Captcha code.

Allen BPMS Login page

Password Change from Dashboard’s Tab:

On the tab of the dashboard page, if a student selects the mentioned name then a drop menu shall roll out. The student is allowed to click on the personal profile and make necessary changes. In addition, one can find the ‘logout’ button to exit the web portal.

Benefits for Students at Allen BPMS in a Nutshell:

1. Allen BPMS, the students web portal has excellent web analytics. The Allen software will analyse the student’s test performances and represent it subject wise.

2. Besides the live recorded classes on BPMS web portal, students have the provision to seek direct guidance from the teachers and hence they gain access with teachers and seek content. 

3. The graphical analysis of the obtained scores can boost a student’s morale and encourage them to perform better in upcoming exams.

4. The academic process enables the student to stay connected with the class schedule and exam.

5. The analytics provide visual information to students and let them understand their position among other ALLEN students.

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