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UPLMIS Login: The labor department of Uttar Pradesh under the able additional chief secretary/ Chairman of labor board Mr.Suresh Chandra and board secretary Sri Vipin Kumar Jain have designed the web portal to benefit the poor unskilled workers in the private sector. The government of UP has directed the labor department to construct a web portal to benefit labor card workers of Uttar Pradesh state and workers working in the private sector.

The official portal of LMIS was launched in June 2014 and the official website BOCW was launched in January 2015. However, the government has opened an online application counter for the beneficiaries at https://www.uplmis.in. 

UPLMIS Login Labor Certificate Registration, Status Details:

UPLIMS Genesis:

In an unorganized sector, in building and other construction works the service conditions are very poor. The employment service is unstable, safety conditions are almost zero, health and welfare measures are never taken to account. The Government has passed, Employment and Conditions of Service Act, 1996 known for its contribution towards proper streamlining employment, and service conditions, safety, health, and other welfare measures.

Labor Department:

Several unskilled workers do work in factories, industries, and construction of building businesses. The State labor department headed by the rank of Principal Secretary functions through the Shramyukta organization. The organization does dedicated work in solving the problems that arise in the lives of unskilled workers.

UP Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board:

1. The UP building & Construction Workers Welfare Board constitutes a rule under 256 of the rules 2009, under the Act 1996.

2. It states the labor department has the legal right to form state welfare boards at the state level.

3. The board constitutes the principal secretary, labor department as its chairman, and other members to assist him. 


1. The basic purpose of the board is to support the unorganized sector that contains the poor and exploited class.

2. The aim is to improvise the socio-economic conditions and provide them with financial help. The board initiates various financial help schemes.

3. The communities that are meant to benefit from the schemes are slated as follows.

  • Welding worker/ labor, carpenter, well diggers, road rollers or road reducers, roof worker, masons reducers.
  • Plumbers, blacksmith, electrician, tunnel worker, tile worker, Marblesmith, rock workers, watchmen.
  • Security guards, cement, bricklayer, interior decoration worker, window, grill, door reducer.    
  • kitchen workers, brick kilns, pottery, emollient, dam, bridge worker.


1. The labor board shall empower unskilled laborers through beneficial schemes. The board will improve the working conditions and quality of work, enhance their standard of living.

2. The labor department initiates various schemes and guidelines to empower poor workers. Through the set guidelines, the schemes that are put in practice:

  • Disability pension
  • Accident Assistance Plan
  • National Health Insurance Scheme
  • Solar Energy Assistance
  • Foster Home Plan.

Eligibility for Registration on UPLMIS Portal:

1. Unskilled workers should be permanent citizens of Uttar Pradesh.

2. The Unskilled worker’s age should be in between eighteen years to sixty years.

3. The Applicant must have worked in the construction industry for ninety days.

UPLMIS Login Process:

1st step: Open the web browser and insert the ‘Uplmis login’ keyword and click on the search button.

2nd Step: The google search will display a list of the URLs in sequence. Choose the website i.e. https://www.uplmis.in.

3rd step: Click on the link ‘ translate the page’ of the desired website. The website shall be displayed as shown above. A series of entities are made available on the login panel dialog box.

4th Step: They are user ID, Password, and the user must select from dropbox, departmental login, or user login and click on the login button.

Login page

Forgot Password:

1. A user or departmental login may have forgotten the password hence it will have to create a new password, hence the user on the login panel must click the change password. Hence the procedure is simple and is as follows.

2. The user must enter the labor-management information system website and refer to the login panel.

3. The user must insert the user ID and select the user identity, user, or departmental login. Then, click on the ‘change password.’

4. The website shall take to the forgot password dialog box and shall be in the English version when the user clicks for the translation of the page.

5. The user must enter the login in the blank and also the mobile number in the next empty box. And, click on the submit button.

6. The website shall send the password to the registered mobile number and the user is expected to follow the instructed steps and proceed to generate the password successfully.

7. The user can re-enter the login page and insert the user ID and new generated password to enter the concerned dashboard.

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Essential Documents for Registration on LMIS Portal:

The unskilled workers must make online registration only and in the process, the following documents must be scanned and uploaded.

They are:

  • Two passport size photographs
  • A self-declaration certificate
  • Permanent residence certificate
  • Photocopy of Aadhar card
  • Photocopy of bank passbook.

Online process of registration on UPLMIS portal :

1. The applicant must enter the home page of the website of UPBOCW. The website can be opened by clicking its link at www.uplmis.in.

2. The applicant must click on the application for the labor registration..

3. On the ‘Labor Registration Application/ Amendment page’ the applicant must click on the ‘Apply/modify.’ 

4. The applicant must enter the details of aadhar card number or application/registration number, choose the circle from dropbox, and enter the district, mobile number.

5. A link is provided at the bottom of the page and the applicant must click it to ‘know your application/ Registration number.

Contact Communication: Located in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, UP, the office of the labor department assigns WhatsApp number 91-9140876115 and an official email id: [email protected]. Applicants/beneficiaries can use the stated number/mailing to sort out their queries.

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